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FCJJ ALLEGATIONS: Staff denied medical care, purposefully triggered allergies

Posted at 5:36 PM, Jul 03, 2024

TULSA, Okla. — New details are surfacing in the case of 30 minors who claim various sexual assaults and illegal treatments inside the Tulsa County Family Center for Juvenile Justice (FCJJ).

Court documents filed on July 3 reveal details on a series of medical abuse claims.

Turn Key Health Clinics, contracted by the Board of County Commissioners, is the latest defendant added to the case. The suit claims the company was responsible for overseeing health operations.

According to documents, two children said the current kitchen manager deliberately fed them foods to which they were allergic.
After eating pineapple-soaked chicken, knowing the resident was allergic, the manager reportedly said to the child, “Let me know how your nurse trip goes.”

The same child claims a physical attack by a guard that caused permanent knee damage.

One resident, diagnosed with intellectual and defiant disorders, as well as ADHD, was reportedly “never” given the correct dosages for several medications.

Another resident diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD), depression, and anxiety reportedly had prescriptions, yet denied medication, access to therapy, and special education curriculum (IEP) for three months.

Advocacy group calls for Tulsa detention center shutdown amid sex abuse claims

Parents were allegedly not notified when one resident was sent to OSU Medical Center for a head wound and dental treatment.

Another resident suffering a head wound allegedly had to wait eight hours to go to the hospital and was denied a 10-day, doctor-ordered follow-up visit.

The boy claimed to cause further injury and scarring from being forced to remove the stitches himself. When trying to get help, a guard is quoted in the documents as saying, “I’ve got things to do.”

This civil rights lawsuit was filed in May. Supporting documents since then continue to reveal new allegations and a lack of any policy or conduct change since the allegations were made public.

The lawsuit claims that all entities involved in running the facility, as well as several employees, bear some responsibility for the alleged problems.
However, 2 News has yet to find a public agency, board member, or entity spokesperson who can speak about the allegations or the facility's current operations.

It is unclear how many employees listed in the lawsuit are still employed, but we know there are several, including administrators.

Of the 30 alleged victims, five are still housed inside the FCJJ.

We reported on July 2 that attorneys wanted to get them out of the facility and under house arrest due to reported threats and intimidation from staff members.

Documents released on July 3 reveal the detention officer reportedly making those threats has since been terminated.

Two former detention officers are facing sexual abuse-related charges, Jonathan Hines and Dquan Doyle.

Jonathan Hines and Dquan Doyle

One alleged rapist in the lawsuit was not arrested or facing charges and stayed employed; they were simply transferred to David L. Moss. It is unclear what kind of investigation took place for that staff member.

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