About Us

KJRH-TV began broadcast operations on December 5, 1954 as KVOO-TV. Scripps bought the station in 1971 and adopted its present-day call letters, KJRH, in July 1980, in honor of the late Jack R. Howard, Chairman of Scripps Howard Broadcasting. We now refer to ourselves as 2 News Oklahoma. We’re here to help keep you and your family safe with the very latest breaking news and weather information. We hold people accountable for their actions, question authority, ask the tough questions, get answers and find solutions to the issues you face. We do this through compelling content and reporting that provides in-depth perspective, all to help make the communities we serve better places to live.

KJRH has always been an NBC affiliate. KJRH began broadcast operations in the Akdar Building in downtown Tulsa, but moved to our current broadcast studios on Peoria Avenue on December 1, 1957. The historic art deco 2 News Oklahoma building has seen many renovations and also survived a tornado in 1974.


KJRH was the first to broadcast in color, the first to broadcast in stereo, and the first to broadcast a news story from a remote site. 2 News Oklahoma was the first television station in all of Oklahoma to broadcast in high definition; it was more than two years before any other local Tulsa station followed suit. In 2009, 2 News Oklahoma transitioned to a digital transmission and broadcast in high definition to digital television on Channel 56 (KJRH – DT 56) in Tulsa. This put us ahead of the FCC deadline and the first in Northeast Oklahoma to accomplish the technological breakthrough.


We live and breathe our “2 Cares for the Community” brand across all platforms to reach our audience with quality journalism that is relevant to our community. We challenge viewers to present us with their problems, and we work to resolve them. We consider ourselves an advocate for our community and strive to deliver excellence in news and weather information no matter the platform or time of day our consumers need it. Since 2004, 2 Cares for the Community has given back to the Tulsa area by donating hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants to local charities, libraries, and schools. Our station realizes how vital it is to have a voice in the community that keeps us as their top choice for local news. We strive to know the current needs of the Green country residents in order to make a difference in the lives of the people that constitute it. Countless volunteer grants, matching gifts, community fund grants, William R. Burleigh Awards and literacy grants make giving back possible. Organizations such as the Tulsa city-County Library, Humane Society of Tulsa, The Adoption Center of Northeastern Oklahoma, Inc. and the Tulsa Crime Commission have all benefited from donations made possible by our station.

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