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Amanda Glenn: Family remembers 'selfless' Tulsa shooting victim

Posted at 5:08 PM, Jun 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-03 19:08:19-04

SAND SPRINGS, Okla. — A community is mourning Friday and multiple families are rocked by the tragedy of losing loved ones too soon, including the family of 40-year-old Amanda Glenn.

Glenn is one of four victims killed in Wednesday's mass shooting on the Saint Francis Health System campus. Glenn worked as a medical assistant in the Natalie Building.

She served for more than 18 years in the medical field but another way she served her community was by spending hours working at the concession stand at her son's baseball games.

"She was just so selfless," said Amber Hargrove, Glenn's friend and fellow booster club member. "Anything you needed no matter what, she was there. It didn't matter if it was like 'I need something in 30 minutes.' No matter what if she was free she would help you."

Amanda Glenn
Amanda Glenn, one of four victims in the June 1 mass shooting in Tulsa.

Gunman Michael Louis shot and killed Glenn in the process of moving through the second floor of the Natalie Building on Wednesday with Dr. Preston Phillips as his target. Tulsa police say Louis had been calling and accusing Phillips of not helping him deal with his back pain.

"I know that she knew this patient and the days up to this, she had mentioned that there was a patient calling and asking for help and I know that she would have done anything in her power to give help," said Glenn's sister-in-law Kristin McPherson.

Glenn's sons describe her as a truly, devoted wife and mother with a servant's heart. She was a mainstay at their football and baseball games.

"Twice a week she would go to Sam's Club to pick up these big orders and all the baseball boys would help her carry stuff in and stock concessions," says her son Gabe Glenn.

Her youngest son Ian says he remembers his mother tending to everyone else before her own needs.

"She would work the concessions and make sure the games were going smoothly and everyone had what they needed," Ian Glenn says.

Gabe Glenn says he will never forget sitting on his bed when he got the call about the shooting that Wednesday evening.

Tulsa shooting victim Amanda Glenn
Amanda Glenn, one of four victims in June 1's shooting at a medical building on the Saint Francis Health System campus in Tulsa.

"My buddy Gunner called me and said you need to call your mom, there has been a shooting," he says.

Gabe Glenn says he raced to Memorial High School where families were told they could reunite with their loved ones who'd evacuated amid the shooting and following police investigation.

After several hours of waiting, he was told his mother wouldn't be coming home. Despite the tragedy, the Glenn family says they're thankful for the love and support they've received during this time.

"The baseball team and the football team, you know they take care of us and make sure we are doing alright," Ian Glenn says.

A GoFundMe account has been set up for this family for Amanda Glenn's funeral and other costs. Donations can be made online. The Tulsa Community Foundation is collecting donations to support all of the victims' families and employees impacted by the shooting.

Glenn is survived by her husband, Jonathan Glenn, and two sons, Gabe Glenn and Ian Glenn.

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