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Temporary A/C units provide relief for some Inhofe Plaza Apartment residents

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Posted at 3:00 PM, Jul 10, 2024

TULSA, Okla. — About one third of Inhofe Plaza Apartment residents are getting relief from the heat as 35 temporary air conditioning units were installed June 11 in the six story building's uppermost floors.

But, that still leaves two-thirds of the units sweltering in the heat.

Melissa Cochran is among dozens of residents of the Inhofe Plaza Apartments suffering in the heat since the building's central air conditioning system broke down.

She cried telling 2 News what it's like waiting day after day for the building's management to fix the air conditioning.

"It's like they don't care about anybody," she said, "and I'm not as elderly as some people are - you know I feel bad for them. We could die and they don't care. Nobody cares."

She told the Problem Solvers the cooling system went out, "July 4th."

Since then she and her dog, Hooch, haven't done much. They stay close to the window and get a little relief from the heat from a donated fan.

Cochran showed 2 News a letter Mellennia Housing Management sent to residents saying fixing the air conditioning would take approximately 15 to 18 days. It also designated a small TV room off the building's lobby as a "cooling station."

However, the portable air conditioner in the corner showed the air blowing out was 87 degrees.

While 2 News visited with Cochran members of Tulsa's Multi-Family Dwellings Code Enforcement Team arrived to find out what building management planned to do to provide cooling for residents until the main A/C system could be repaired.

"They've ordered and are bringing in 100 individual A/C units," said Kevin Cox with code enforcement. "They're gonna use that as a temporary fix until the main system is up and repaired, hopefully within the next couple of weeks. "

Cox added code enforcement is coming back to make sure those units are installed as quickly as possible because it is only getting hotter this summer.

The Problem Solvers started getting complaints about the air conditioning at Inhofe Plaza Apartments on July 4, but someone impacted didn't agree to share their story with us until July 10.

Code enforcement said they didn't receive any complaints until July 8. Cox said residents don't have to fear making complaints through Tulsa's 311 line because it does not share who makes complaints with property managers or owners.

Cox also said, “We urge everybody that if they’re not getting their cooling system fixed (by their landlord or property manager ) in a timely fashion to please contact 311 so we can get an inspector assigned and get out here as fast as we can.”

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