Cathy Tatom

Bringing you stories that reveal more than just the day’s big headline is my passion. 

Much of my more than 45 years in broadcast journalism have focused on investigative, consumer/Problem Solver, government, disaster aftermath, and in-depth reporting about stories from just down the street, and sometimes halfway around the globe.

Each story is an opportunity to share the perspectives of those impacted by the event or issue and dig into how and why it’s happening. Often, it’s also an opportunity to seek accountability from those in positions of power.

Over the years my stories and documentaries have won numerous awards including a Heartland Emmy and SPJ Best Reporting Portfolio. I was also honored to be chosen for a Knight TV Data Fellowship to enhance skills needed to get and analyze data that adds critical context to so many stories.

I began my broadcast journalism journey at KOVR in Sacramento. Additional stops along the way include KWTV in Oklahoma City, OETA in both Oklahoma City and Tulsa, KSAT in San Antonio, and KPRC in Houston in addition to KJRH.

When I’m not at work I indulge in reading just about any book that isn’t nailed down and gardening. Growing my own vegetables and beautiful flowers helps me unwind and stay healthy.

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