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Tulsa's Famous Haunts: Cain's Ballroom

Cain's Ballroom
Teri French with Justin Fischer and 2 News Oklahoma
Posted at 5:00 PM, Oct 28, 2021
and last updated 2022-10-22 15:07:27-04

TULSA, Okla. — Green Country is rooted in history, with buildings still standing from days gone by, some of them rumored to be haunted.

On this Halloween weekend, 2 News takes you into one of those buildings, the famous Cain’s Ballroom.

The venue hosted many talented performers over the years, including the famous Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys.

“That’s the old Bob Wills stage underneath there,” said Teri French, owner of Tulsa Spirit Tours.

French is a paranormal investigator and haunted tour guide in Tulsa. She's experienced many of Tulsa’s haunted buildings personally. She's also spoken to others who have had experiences too. When it comes to Cain’s Ballroom, French has quite a few stories to tell.

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"I went back to the restroom, and this is when the old restroom used to be behind the stage,” French said. “I heard a woman start crying, moaning and sobbing like she was in pain. And I was like ‘are you okay? Hello?’ not knowing that, I thought I was back there by myself. Got up, looked around and, I was by myself.”

French also tells the story of a man in early 1900s cowboy clothes asking for $ .10 popcorn from the bar. The venue has not had that since the early 20th century.

And on that same night, “A young lady, working behind this bar, saw a woman standing right here transparent. In a ballgown. She could see right through her.” French said. “So, we’re not sure if that’s the 80-year-old woman that used to live here.”

During her investigations, Teri uses several tools to look for a paranormal aspect, including Electronic Voice Phenomenon, or EVP’s. On a trip to Cain’s, French caught a recording she believes says “I want to help” in the voice of a young girl.

On tours, French shows the many buildings in Tulsa that stood the test of time and might also be haunted. One of those buildings is the Gilcrease house.

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“And over the years has been just hundreds of stories come out of that house of seeing Mr. Gilcrease,” French said. “You know, people, former curators, very, very reputable people that have seen him on the stairways tip his hat and go back upstairs. There's been you know, numerous sightings and weird happenings there.”

French has advice for those who believe they are encountering a spirit.

“I think kind of you approach it like it's a person, it might make it a little bit easier to cope with,” French said.

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