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Who's next? Tulsa Council District 3 seat up for grabs

Posted at 6:45 PM, May 16, 2024

TULSA, Okla. — The race for District 3 for Tulsa City Council is totally empty, at least for now.

Current Dist. 3 City Councilor Crista Patrick confirmed she is not running again and her term expires in December.

"Mostly personal reasons. It's time for me to refocus," Councilor Patrick told 2 News. "My daughter is graduating high school. I lost my job at the University of Tulsa which was my full-time employment, because they downsized the theater department. It's time to fill back up my tank, as it were."

Patrick followed her father, David Patrick, and uncle, Mike Patrick in serving District 3 since 2018.

After two terms, she's letting someone not named Patrick take the seat.

"I'm very proud of the work I've done," she said. "However, I also don't want to be the third Patrick to die in office."

The problem is, voters in District 3 don't have a candidate to choose from on Election Day August 27. Currently, no one is running for the seat.

"We've got less than a month. We've got to get somebody on board," former Interim Dist. 3 Councilor Karen O'Brien told 2 News. She said she has no interest in running this time but wants competition.

"My main thing is somebody who cares about improving the situation that we have in this district," O'Brien said.

O'Brien gives District 3 the unflattering nickname, "The Flyover District." Not just because of the airport, but the fact it doesn't have many of the city's famous landmarks or attractions in general.

O'Brien hopes the next councilor continues advocating for economic development like Patrick did.

"And that's what main street things do. Those streets that have the main street designations are getting money to develop their area. And we don't have that here."

Patrick did tell 2 News she knows at least one person plans to run: someone she endorses. She said they're just waiting on funding red tape to clear.

"She's a longtime resident of District 3," the councilor said. "She was a small business owner for many years. She's recently retired." Patrick added the unnamed expected candidate will likely announce their candidacy next week.

Candidates can file to run for city office June 10-12 at Tulsa County Election Board.

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