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Broken Arrow man arrested in child exploitation investigation

Posted at 2:46 PM, Nov 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-04 22:07:17-04

TULSA, Okla. — A federal transnational child exploitation investigation led to the arrest of a Broken Arrow man.

Cameron Kelly McAbee is charged with multiple federal charges, such as child exploitation enterprise and possession and distribution of child pornography. McAbee allegedly was an administrator behind a chat group that led to five additional arrests and the rescue of multiple child victims in the United States and Europe.

According to federal court documents, the FBI discovered a chat group in July that shared explicit material of minors involved actively and determined McAbee was an administrator.

“Mr.McAbee is alleged to have been an administrator on a social media run site, in which individuals would join the site and upload child pornography and distribute that child pornography on that social media site,” U.S. Attoney, Clint Johnson said.

Johnson said the FBI noticed the group required people to post porn pictures in order to get a membership to the site. Then, members had to produce and share images and videos of themselves sexually abusing children.

On July 24th, McAbee is alleged to have posted a "live" photo to the group showing sexual abuse of a child.

Two days later, the FBI linked the administrator account to McAbee and conducted a search warrant at his Broken Arrow home.

FBI agents said he allegedly confirmed to them in an interview that he held an administrative role in multiple groups, including one specifically designed for sharing explicit images and videos of children the members had physical access to.

Alvin M. Winston, Acting Special Agent from FBI Oklahoma City says this about the arrest:

"FBI Agents in both Tulsa and Atlanta, along with task force partners discovered, investigated and ultimately neutralized an international cabal of alleged child predators.The threat Mr. McAbee and his partners posed to children worldwide were thwarted by the relentless dedication of FBI investigators joining forces with detectives from Tulsa and Broken Arrow police departments. Only through strong police partnerships can law enforcement remain unified and effective in the global fight to bring child predators to justice."

The FBI and task force partners arrested six individuals in total and rescued child victims across five states, including Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, Arkansas, Missouri, and Norway.

“My office and our law enforcement partners will continue to expose individuals involved in this covert group and identify and rescue child victims," says Acting U.S. Attorney Clint Johnson.

Additional child victims have been brought to safety, and the FBI continues to investigate leads in at least four other states.

“When you have an internet that reaches globally and can bring individuals together that’s a good thing a lot of times, but when criminals use it for nefarious reasons it turns into a bad thing,” Johnson said.

For families who worry about how to prevent this from happening, Maura Guten with the Child Abuse Network said it's important to talk with children about boundaries at an early age.

“It’s absolutely fine for them to say maybe I don’t want to hug my grandmother, or my uncle, or somebody, and those are things that we have to respect, and it helps children understand boundaries. It helps children understand that when they say this is my rule then they know that with other bigger things this is going to be the rule and people need to respect that boundary,” Guten said.

Attorney Johnson also recommends parents stay vigilant of what children are doing online and who they are talking to.

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