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'This one was way more scarier' | Barnsdall through a child's eyes

Kayden Swanson and Dog
Posted at 10:14 PM, May 09, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-10 11:34:28-04

BARNSDALL, Okla. — As Barnsdall rebuilds for the future, 2 News Oklahoma caught up with the future of the town: its children.

2 News met Kayden Swanson, 11, riding around town in his four-wheeler.

"I can’t even tell it’s Barnsdall," Swanson said.

Many kids will never live through the aftermath of a tornado. Some might go through one. Swanson has lived through two, in less than 60 days.

"Last time we had a tornado, I thought that was the biggest thing I’ve ever seen tornado-wise, and that was the most scariest thing I’ve ever heard," Swanson said, "But this one was way more scarier."

Swanson said he and his family rode out the storm in the cellar, but the whole time, he had just one thing on his mind.

"I was over there in the corner scared that my dogs were gonna die," Swanson said.

He reported all of the pets are safe, and all but one of them is resting at a Pawhuska kennel. It was in the hours after the storm that Kayden's bravery showed.

"When lightning flashed, I was happy, finally I can see, then it went dark again," Swanson said, "I get happy every time it goes on and off because, that way, a light shines, and that way you can see a path to get to the car."

At first glance, the Swanson home seems to have suffered minor damage, but a contractor said the roof is beyond repair. The family will likely build brand new.

"If they put a house here, I’ll be happy. Just any house, I don’t care if it’s a shed," Swanson said.

Swanson said he’s sad his house will be gone. He said part of the roof is on the floor of his bedroom, still, he's wishing the best for his neighbors.

"Get as much cleaned up as you can, and hopefully you can rebuild your house where it was, and hopefully your animals and you guys are OK," Swanson said.

Kayden said he wants to be a news reporter when he grows up.

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