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MORE THAN 100: TPS looks to fill teaching positions ahead of school year

Tulsa Public Schools
Posted at 9:18 PM, Jul 09, 2024

TULSA, Okla. — Things are currently quiet inside Tulsa’s schools for the summer, but by August, kids will be walking through the doors, ready for class to start.

Until then, Tulsa Public Schools is looking to fill 168 teaching positions.

Superintendent Dr. Ebony Johnson said the district has not received a new application from a certified teacher since late June.

“We know that it’s so important that each and every one of our students have an adult in the classroom, who can teach them the information that they need,” Johnson said.

Tulsan Kathy McDonald is concerned the TPS board won’t be able to handle the daunting task.

“The most precious things there is, for our future, in this country, is our children,” McDonald said.

2 News reached out to representatives from several districts across Green Country. They provided the following numbers in regard to their openings.

  • Sand Springs - 7
    • The district has 5,178 students.
  • Claremore - “between 5-8”
    • The district has 3,944 students.
  • Owasso - 16
    • The district has 9,802 students.
  • Union - 19
    • The district has 14,900 students.

Tulsa Public Schools is the largest district in the state with 33,871 students.
The TPS board floated the idea of hiring “adjunct teachers.” People who do not have the traditional qualifications of a classroom teacher.

“These are 21-year-old kids that you are looking to teach our students,” concerned parent Jennifer said.

The board chose not to act on that possibility, but did not take it off the table. If they move forward, Jennifer told the board she’s afraid it will further hurt recruiting.

“I feel like this is going to drive our qualified teachers from our Tulsa Public Schools district,” Jennifer said.

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