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Man fears for son's health in moldy east Tulsa apartment

Posted at 6:48 PM, May 13, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-13 20:03:59-04

TULSA, Okla. — A few residents at the Red Fox Apartments shared their concerns over alleged leaking and mold in their units.

For some, they fear the issues may impact the health of their family members

2 News spoke with John Hollaway, a resident who contacted the Problem Solvers about his apartment.

"My son's health and my health as well, but especially my sons more than anything. I have two, but especially the young four-month-old," said Hollaway.

Every time it rains, he says his apartment floods. It’s a problem that started the first rain after he moved in, he said.

Red Fox apartment issues 1.jpeg

"It all starts just above the front door in the corner and it just progressively starts moving towards the middle of the room. To a point where it’s almost to electrical outlets. And then we have to start moving stuff around. It’s like moving stuff away from the rain," said Hollaway.

The floor was damp after early morning showers on May 13. He said the rain leaked through the walls and underneath the front door like it always does.

Red Fox apartment issues 2.jpeg

He said things were damaged by the water. It’s something that keeps him up at night.

"Just the sleep. A lot of times, I’m missing out on sleep because I’m up worried that it’s going to hit an electrical source or something. It’s just a stressful situation," said Hollaway.

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2 News reached out to the Red Fox Apartments. After three calls and a knock on the leasing office door, we haven't heard back.

"If you have a water leak that the landlord won't fix, the health department will come out and investigate that," said Eric Hollaway with Legal Aid. "Your landlord does have a responsibility to provide you with a safe and habitable unit. So if you can find that water leak, you could definitely make them fix it."
Hollaway said he will not continue to extend his lease and will look for a place once his lease is up.

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