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Lightning strikes Broken Arrow home during Sunday night storms

Broken Arrow home struck by lightning
Posted at 4:53 PM, Oct 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-11 19:24:27-04

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. — A Broken Arrow family is left stunned after lightning struck their home during Sunday's storms.

Shannon Girdner says she still can't believe how close Oklahoma's severe weather came to destroying her house.

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"I was sitting on the couch last night after the Browns game and I saw a big flash of light in the hallway and heard a loud boom," Girdner says.

She says she looked up and immediately heard her son screaming from his upstairs bedroom.

"A few seconds later I heard this loud scream from upstairs and come to find out it was my son who I didn’t even know for sure was home. He came downstairs, and his hair was sticking up and he was shaking," she says.

She works as a nurse and immediately began checking his vitals and making sure he was OK. Thankfully, he seemed to be unharmed and that's when they called 911.

“The paramedics and the fireman came, and they said there was a strong smell of electrical burn in the house," Girdner says.

“All of our appliances are gone. Our stove and refrigerator, you name it, not to mention all the kids' stuff, the XBOX and TVs and Fire Sticks."

Electricians were called out to survey the damage and look for the entry point of the lightning strike. After climbing up on the roof, they quickly found a hole near her son's bedroom.

Broken Arrow home struck by lightning
A Broken Arrow woman says all of her household appliances and electronics are damaged after lightning struck her home during Sunday night's storms.

"It was very scary," she says.

"I had never experienced anything like that in my entire life."

Despite the damage to her appliances and other electrical items, she says she knows it could have been a lot worse, and she is just thankful her son is OK and her house is still standing.

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