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'I can finally relax': Non-profit fixes family's roof 1 year after 2023 storm

Sand Springs home repair
Posted at 5:29 PM, Jul 09, 2024

SAND SPRINGS, Okla. — More than a year after the Father's Day storm of 2023, a Sand Springs family is finally getting some relief.

Jamie Glenn and her three children rode out the storm at home together.

"We didn't really know the magnitude of the storm that was coming," said Glenn. "We noticed that the wind was picking up, and all of a sudden, the electric went out, and we could hear things falling, things were hitting the house, water was coming through the windows."

Glenn said she had no trees in her yard. After the storm, there were four.

"We can’t see anything that’s going on, and then as the lightning was hitting in other places, we could see the light in the backyard, and that’s when we saw a little bit of the damage and the huge tree that had landed on the back corner of the house,” said Glenn.

WATCH: The 2023 Father's Day storm caused $16.6 million in damage:

Father's Day storm damage: $16.6 million

Volunteers helped her clean up some of the tree limbs, but not before they severely damaged her roof.

Glenn didn't know where to turn for help.

That's where AmeriCorps and Recovering Oklahoman's After Disaster - or ROAD - come in.

“We’re just here mending some homes that have been affected by disasters in the area," said Corps member Asha.

Asha is among the crew who will be in Oklahoma through August to help people get on with their lives.

"Giving back is a really unique part of the human experience," said Asha. "I think being able to help each other out and really being able to look out for each other no matter where you’re from or what community you belong to."

One ROAD member told 2 News they have a list of repair projects across the state dating back to 2022 storms.
Asha is from Maryland. She said while she may get homesick from time to time, helping families helps her feel more connected to hers.

"Seeing how much home really matters to them, whether that’s to raise kids, whether that’s to just have a nice place to come home to," said Asha. "It’s really moving to just know their stories and know how much you’re helping out by just doing what we can."

With smiles on their faces, the AmeriCorps team is restoring more than just Glenn's home.
“It’s my family home, it’s my childhood home. It has memories, and with my dad being gone and my mom now being gone, it just means a lot to me," said Glenn. "I can finally relax here with my children and not have to worry about what money I have to save next to fix the next issue.”

With hundreds of homes across the state on the list for repairs, ROAD representatives said they need volunteers to make that happen. Anyone interested in volunteering in Oklahoma communities can visit ROAD's website.

Anyone needing repairs after a disaster can reach out to Catholic Charities of Oklahoma.

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