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EF4 TORNADO: Marietta woman stays positive despite damaged home

Marietta home damage
Posted at 11:20 PM, Apr 29, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-02 11:16:54-04

MARIETTA, Okla. — People in Marietta are recovering after an EF4 tornado damaged businesses and homes.

2 News walked with homeowner Amber Czisny to view the damage the tornado caused to her home.

"You heard the smashing glass, and I knew, oh my god I’m actually in a freakin' tornado," she said.

She and her husband were having a normal night at home when the tornado hit. She said she was resting on the couch when her husband went outside and quickly ran back in. That's when they took shelter.

"We went into the bathroom closed the door, he jumped in the tub with me. We hunkered down and rode it through," she said.

It was a night Czisny said she would never forget. As they sat in the tub with their two dogs, Mother Nature tore their home apart.
She had one word to describe the experience.

"It’s surreal. That is the only word that I can come up with because there is not anything else that I can say that would explain the feeling during that moment and then seeing the destruction afterward," said Czisny.

Walking through the house the windows are shattered and debris filled the floors beside the belongings they salvaged.

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The Czisny's bedroom was another sight. When walking in it was four walls and sky.

The bedroom is the worst hit room in the house. It's just feet from the room they sheltered in. One of the walls sat at a 45-degree angle held up only by a bench tilted on the floor.

The whole house was still damp as Czisny said it rained an additional five inches after the tornado took off the roof.

"It was kind of hard. We got five inches of rain after we got hit. So everything in the house was pretty saturated," she said.

Despite the damage, she kept a positive attitude toward the situation.

"Well, you can't really look back. You got to look forward. There is nothing we can do with what happened and well honestly it's kind of a life-changing moment. You know, everybody is still here. That’s the important part," she said.

After the storm, it was confirmed that one person was killed. It is unclear what caused the death however a state trooper 2 News spoke with the person who was in a semi-truck that was driving through at the time.

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