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'Nothing about it made sense': Victim’s family wants murder conviction tossed

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Posted at 4:52 PM, Jun 24, 2024

TULSA, Okla. — The family of a Tulsa woman killed in a shooting supports the man convicted in her death.

They said he isn’t responsible, and they want justice for Dionca Marie Guess.

“Dionca was a star a beautiful, beautiful person inside and out,” said Erica Guess Hudson. “I miss her very much.”

Six years after her younger sister’s death, Erica Guess Hudson said she won’t stop fighting for justice.

“I was in total shock,” said Hudson. “I think I probably might still be in shock.”

Dionca Guess was 36 years old when she was killed inside her home in December 2018.

2 News was in the Gilcrease Hills neighborhood shortly after it happened.

Investigators said her ex-husband, Christon Mason, shot her ex-boyfriend, Tony Fernell Smith, accused him of breaking into her home and said Guess was caught up in that shooting and killed.

Fast forward to June 2024, a judge convicted Smith of burglary and felony murder after a three-day trial, but Guess’ family is adamant Smith isn’t to blame.

“We got too many innocent people in jail now for something they didn’t do, and I just can’t sit by and just watch somebody else go to jail for something they didn’t do,” said Eric Guess.

Eric Guess, Dionca’s dad, said Smith was just looking for help at his daughter’s home after he got into a wreck and used a code to get inside.

“I was told that he [Tony Smith] was the cause of it,” said Guess. “Sitting in that courtroom for three days, all the testimony that I heard didn’t point to him at all.”

The family said the shooting was unnecessary and Mason should be held responsible. In looking for justice for Dionca Guess, her family doesn’t want Smith to spend his life in prison.

“Nothing about it made sense,” said Eric Guess.

“She did not deserve to be taken, especially this way so soon,” said Hudson.

2 News reached out to Christon Mason, and his mother, Crystal Mason Williams, replied on his behalf.

“Christon Mason did NOT break the law on the night of this unfortunate incident. This case has been tried in a court of law and the Judge made his decision based solely on the evidence and nothing but the evidence. We will not attempt to retry this case in the “Court of Public Opinion”, as the case is over. It is, however, urgent to us as his family that this false narrative that was created from the time this all happened, be squashed. Christon’s name and character has been defamed with untruths and unfounded information. Since December 28, 2018, we have hurt and prayed for Dionca’s mother and those precious two girls who lived with Dionca at that time. They are truly heartbroken and will continually miss Dionca! So will the rest of her family. We continue to wish them continued healing! May God continue to walk with them and wrap His healing arms around them!”
Crystal Mason Williams

"We love Dionca and she matters,” said Hudson. “She definitely matters, and she always will matter, and she deserves justice.”

Smith is set to be sentenced in July. He reached out to the Muskogee County NAACP for help.

In a statement, Chapter President Reverend Dr. Rodger L.B. Cutler said:

“We are disturbed by this case because we believe that this is a miscarriage of justice. We are asking for justice of Dionca Guess and part of that justice is D.A. Mike Fisher putting the admitted killer in the penitentiary.”
Muskogee County NAACP Chapter President Reverend Dr. Rodger L.B. Cutler

2 News reached out to Osage County District Attorney Mike Fisher whose office prosecuted this case. We are still waiting to hear back.

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