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Uber and Lyft drivers struggle with high gas prices

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Posted at 5:01 PM, Mar 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-28 13:59:41-04

TULSA, Okla — As gas prices remain high, Uber and Lyft drivers are contemplating leaving or temporarily pausing driving.

David Wilson drives for both companies; he has been with Lyft for four years and Uber since December of 2021. Wilson has a full-time job at a travel agency, but drives for Uber and Lyft on the weekends to bring in more money.

He said he drives about ten hours a day.

With gas prices remaining high, Wilson said Uber added a fifty-five-cent surcharge, but he said that still isn't helping.

"It's a flat rate, and customers pay extra, and they give that to us, but it's not enough. Fifty-five cents doesn't cover it." Wilson said.

Wilson said he will stop and turn off the car between rides now, instead of continuing to drive until the next one. He is paying sixty dollars a tank; before the gas prices shot up, he was paying $25 a tank.

The high gas prices coupled with some passengers not being as courteous with tips, has him rethinking if he should stay a driver or take a temporary break.

“I feel like they could change it into a fifty-five cents per mile. Another thing that would help is tips," Wilson said.

The other night he drove five people and only two tipped, all this has Wilson pondering leaving ride shares and looking for another job.

“Right now I can kind of siphon off of what I make with my full-time job to help with the cost but like I said four dollars a gallon would put me in the red", Wilson said.

He wants patrons to understand even though ride costs are going up, that doesn't mean the drive is making more.

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