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Tulsa Weather Coalition offers A/C units to help those in need of heat relief

Posted at 6:16 PM, Jun 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-15 19:16:52-04

TULSA, Okla. — As temperatures rise in Oklahoma and appear to be here to stay, we wanted to check in on those who help Tulsans stay cool.

The Tulsa Weather Coalition has been working for decades to provide free air conditioning units to Tulsa County residents in need.

“The Tulsa Weather Coalition is a program of Community Service Council. It will allow for us to come out to an individual's home and install an air conditioning unit for them at no cost,” Jeromee Scot, Chief Communications Officer with the Community Service Council said.

A service made possible by the generosity of the community.

“It’s important to note too, that the Tulsa weather coalition is run by donations,” Scot said.

Eligible applicants must live in Tulsa County, own their home, be at least 55 years old, meet low-income requirements, and have a medical condition that is made worse by the heat.

“Imagine living right now without air conditioning in your home,” Scot said.

A very real struggle several Tulsa residents are facing, including Rhiannon Henry and her boyfriend. They contacted 2 News Oklahoma because they said their air conditioning unit is broken and the temperature inside their apartment reached up to 94 degrees.

“They’ve been telling us for over a month that they’re going to come in and get the unit fixed, the air conditioning unit. It’s been the heat waves going on and everything, so we’ve been waiting and waiting. Nothing has happened," Rhiannon Henry, resident at Union Point Apartments said.

We reached out to Union Point Apartments but were unable to reach anyone.

“For those who are living in apartment complexes and are finding themselves struggling or without A/C, we also have the 2-1-1 Eastern Oklahoma helpline that’s available to them,” Scot said.

Scot said that the service line will provide callers with information about cooling centers and additional resources in the area that may help them.

“If you are wanting to apply for a free air conditioning unit, you’ll fill out a very brief application, and then if you qualify, our teams will reach out to you, go over all those specifics, and then schedule a time that we can come and install that A/C unit for you,” Scot said.

If you're interested in applying, you can call 2-1-1, or visit the Tulsa Weather Coaliton.

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