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Family discovers working pay phone in Beggs

Kids use pay phone to make a call to grandma
Posted at 4:07 PM, Jun 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-15 13:19:25-04

BEGGS, Okla. — It’s something you don’t really see anymore — pay phones.

While other states are disconnecting them, one Oklahoma family found a pay phone still in service in Beggs.

Curious to see if it still worked the Ledford family made a stop in front of the Beggs Telephone Company.

“I text my mom right before we called her and said 'pick up this weird phone number you are getting ready to get,'" said Lacie Ledford. "I didn’t tell her what we were doing.”

Sure enough, it did work and they were about to dial their grandmother's number, but they had to figure out how to use the pay phone.

"It’s been years and years and years since I’ve even used one so I had to you know try and figure out, do we put the money in first? Do we dial a number first?” she said.

The call cost five cents. When they got their grandmother on the phone, "she didn’t even know we were at the pay phone until we told her,” 10-year-old Daysi Ledford said.

“She was surprised. She said 'you know I was wondering who these little angelic voices were,'" Lacie Ledford said. "It took her a minute to realize it was Daysi and Brody calling.”

Ledford says while it was a short two-minute phone call, it was still sweet.

“It’s just fun to get outside and be with your family. You know make memories like this. It's just kind of a silly thing but it was really fun for them,” she said.

Now the Ledford family hopes others come to use this pay phone and make memories of their own.

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