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Suspect identified in October 2021 Turley triple murder, charges filed

John B. Goode
Posted at 1:39 PM, Sep 13, 2023

TULSA, Okla. — The Tulsa County Sheriff's Office announced charges for a suspect involved in Turley triple murder from 2021.

In August, TCSO announced they believed the remains of mother Glenda "Cookie" Parton and son Dewayne Selby were found after a two year search. Jack Grimes, the friend of Selby and Parton, was found dead shortly after their disappearance in October 2021.

TCSO now says John B. Goode, who pleaded no contest to first degree manslaughter earlier this week in another case, is the suspect in this case. He'll face three first degree murder charges.
Investigators said Goode lived on the property of Parton and Selby and was presumed to be homeless. They believe he had an agreement that let him live on their land.

Goode's name initially came up as a person of interest in 2021, but investigators said they did not have enough evidence to charge him at that time. Earlier the same week as this announcement Goode pleaded no contest to a manslaughter charge for a deadly stabbing in May.

2 News previously reported the sheriffs were still working to get official confirmation on the remains but strongly believe they belonged to the mother and son. Regalado says the family is relieved that they have found the suspect as it provides closure.

Items around the remains helped them make this determination and are being used to investigate the case.
With these new revelations, investigators tell us they are taking a fresh look at the murder of James Williams. 2 News Oklahoma spoke with William's dad and he tells us he'd like to speak to his son's killer.

"I’d just like to know what was on his mind. How can you go up to a person just sitting in their car and start stabbing them? Especially if you didn’t even know ‘em. How did that work out for you? To me, nobody in their right mind would do that," said James Goudeau, Williams' father.

Goudeau said he thinks about his son every day.

"I try not to dwell on the incident as much. Everytime I see his picture, when I do something and I think about it, how he would come to help me and stuff like that," Goudeau said.

Bodies of Missing Mother, Son Found

In 2021 Selby and Grimes were reported missing after not arriving home following a horse show in Dallas. Investigators said Parton went searching for the pair and was later reported missing.

Investigators said they believe the three were all killed at different times but within a close timeline.

After two years of searching the mother and son were found nearly half a mile away from where Grimes was found.

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