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Restrooms, showers set up for Bixby residents without water

Showers set up for Bixby residents without water
Posted at 5:58 AM, Jul 18, 2022

BIXBY, Okla. — Many families in the Lake Bixhoma area are still without water to bathe, brush teeth or even flush toilets Monday morning.

2 News told you Thursday that Bixby city officials identified a significant unauthorized water withdrawal from the Bixhoma Lake system.

Shower and restroom facilities are set up throughout the area in Bixby that's been affected during this water shortage. The locations are:

  • 18132 S. 158 E. Ave - Restrooms
  • 18209 S. 158 E. Ave - Restrooms
  • 15648 E 184 St S. - Restrooms
  • 18110 S. 156 E. Ave - Restrooms
  • E. 181st & S. 158 E. Ave - Showers

Bixby city officials sent out a press release informing the public what was going on. Officials say the withdrawal impacted water tank levels which limited supply pump capacity.

As tank level began to drop on Wednesday, city staff initiated emergency response measures. What they've done so far are switch transmission lines to maximize water flow to south and east Bixby.

Crews are also working to purge any air in the lines.

One woman that lives in the impacted area says she's having to change a lot to make life work with this shortage.

"We have no water coming out of our faucet. We brush our teeth with bottled water. Our little garden we have to use buckets," says Tedra Korf.

Residents are being asked to conserve water for the next few days to try and get reserves built back up for those who live near Lake Bixhoma.

The goal is to stabilize water pressure and get those tank levels restored.

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