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PAY RAISE: Election poll worker pay doubles in recruitment effort

Posted at 6:10 PM, Jul 02, 2024

TULSA, Okla. — The presidential election is a few months away in November, and right now election boards across the state are paying up to recruit workers.

Poll workers help voters for 12 hours to ensure that ballots are received fairly and correctly. Three people are needed for each polling place: inspector, judge and clerk. They all have different duties outlined for the election process.

In Oklahoma, a shortage of workers is straining election boards.

WATCH: In February, 2 News told you the Tulsa County Election Board had concerns about a lack of workers:

Tulsa Co. Election Board increasingly concerned about election volunteer, precinct shortage

Tulsa County Election Board Secretary Gwen Freeman said they're desperate.

"Sounding the alarm that we're really getting low on poll workers and without our poll workers, obviously, we can't conduct elections," Freeman said.

The state took notice and passed Senate Bill 290. It doubled pay for judges and clerks working elections from $100 to $200, and election inspectors go from $110 to $225.

After some phone calls and research, 2 News learned this pay raise is in effect at election boards across Oklahoma.

Tom Dial, a poll inspector for six years in Tulsa County, said given the amount of work he and others do, it should have happened a long time ago.

"It's well overdone," he said.

He hopes the younger generation will want to help.

"If I'm a college student and I can make two hundred dollars a day and maybe skip a class or two. I would call that a win," Dial said.

Applying to be a poll worker is easy, there are three steps:

  • go to your county election board website
  • find 'Poll Workers'
  • click on the 'Apply' tab and fill out the form

Here is the link to apply Poll Worker Opportunties.

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