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Owner of dogs who attacked multiple cyclists speaks out

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Posted at 4:45 PM, Jun 07, 2024

TULSA, Okla. — The owner of two dogs accused of attacking multiple cyclists near East 56th Street North and Yale over the past year is explaining what happened.

The dog bites were so severe for some of the cyclists that they spent time in the ER and now have PTSD and a mountain of medical bills, not to mention the emotional and mental toll the ordeals have taken.

Suzanne is one of the dog’s owners and asked us not to use her last name for this story.
She tells 2 News that the Father’s Day derecho took out their fence and they have had a difficult time repairing it.

“I only get $400 a month in disability, and I can only do so much with what we’ve got, and I can’t make a mansion out of pennies. It’s just impossible,” said Suzanne.

She says she is very sorry about the dog attacks and the harm they caused the cyclists and will work to pay for their medical bills.

“I’m sorry that it did happen, and it wasn’t intentional or nothing. We have taken our duty to repair the situation,” she said. Any hospital bill that they have due to their injuries I will be happy to pay for it, but I can’t pay for it all at once so I would have to make payments, but I would pay for it.”

2 News asked her about the common denominator and why her dogs are so bothered by people riding by on bikes.

She told us when her dogs were little, they had neighbors who would ride by on bikes and throw fireworks and other items at them.
That’s why she believes her dogs are triggered by people riding bikes.

In an effort to fix the problem, the family put up several tarps on the fence to block the dog’s view.

Despite numerous citations, the cost of fence repairs and the physical and emotional toll the dogs have taken on the cyclists in our community, she said she can’t let them go.

“They’re my children. I’m not allowed to have kids. I never have and those are my kids,” said Suzanne.
2 News reached out to the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office to find out what’s being done to keep people safe.

Spokeswoman, Ashley Wheeler said the sheriff’s office has cited the family multiple times, confiscated one of the dogs for 10 days and ordered the family to fix their fence and get the dogs shots up to date.

“Within Oklahoma law, dogs are considered property and that means the sheriff’s office can’t just go and confiscate or take a dog because they are considered property. It’s is a civil matter so all we are able to do is write the citations and then follow that process,” said Wheeler.

So far, Suzanne says her family has received at least 4 citations totaling over $700.

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