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NEW NEIGHBORHOOD: Proposed housing raising concerns in Bixby

Robinson Ranch Development
Posted at 8:59 PM, Jul 02, 2024

BIXBY, Okla. — Hundreds of houses could be coming to an area of Bixby near 131st and Harvard.

If the plan goes through, neighbors expect big impacts, for better or worse. 2 News spoke with people excited and upset about the plans.

An inconspicuous sign outside a pasture is about the only indicator of a plan to bring hundreds of small homes to the plot of land behind it. Replacing the cows with modestly-sized homes. Priced between $250,000 and $300,000.

One neighbor in Dutcher's Crossing, said he is fine with the development itself, he just hopes the construction crews keep the water in mind.

JB Parsons can see one of the neighborhood ponds from his backyard,but that view has come with a cost, “our homeowners have spent over $100,000 just in the last couple of years, trying to get control of these facilities that are here.”

2 News drone footage near proposed development in Jenks

The Dutcher’s Crossing homeowners are the people responsible for the upkeep on the ponds and waterways. They are concerned storm water from the proposed development would overwhelm the fixtures. They will have to take that up with the city.

This area is in Bixby, but some Jenks services serve that area. A spokesperson with the City of Jenks said they had no comment.

Rausch Coleman Homes is the firm spearheading this effort.

2 News met Kyle Richsion, the Tulsa division president for the firm, at Robinson Ranch near 161st and Memorial. He said, if all goes to plan, the development will be similar to Robinson Ranch.

“We’re gonna be able to provide a product that is between that $250,000 and $300,000 range,” Richison said.

The homes would be about 1,500-1,800 square feet. One right next to the other.

Richison said it will create an outsize economic development. It will also provide more opportunity for homebuyers, he said.

“For people who have wanted to send their kids to that area, or wanna raise their families in that area to now seek out an opportunity that didn’t exist before,” Richison said.

Richison told 2 News he benefited from similar housing developments earlier in life.

Matt Clagg, who lives near the proposed development, has strong objections.

“There’s several new additions so buildings just going up constantly,” Clagg said, “Which, is understandable, it’s a great area to be.”

Clagg’s children attend Bixby West. Among other concerns, he is worried classrooms will become too crowded. He also voiced concerns around emergency response vehicles. All in all, he believes new housing developments should be more thoughtfully considered.

“We can’t add this many houses out here, this fast,” Clagg said, “And put the strain on the citizens while we wait on the economic development.”

For now, this is all an idea, as the Jenks City Council will have to approve the rezoning. That decision is expected sometime in July.

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