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"It's God, there's no other explanation' | Faith helps families in storm aftermath

Posted at 8:50 AM, May 09, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-09 09:51:53-04

BARNSDALL, Okla. — It’s impossible to think someone can survive damage like we’re seeing in Barnsdall, but in this case the Green family did get out.

It’s hard to believe this sidewalk is all that’s recognizable from the Green’s home. This Google maps image shows the house before the storm hit.

Ashley Green’s mother is too overwhelmed to talk. Kellie Nelson consoled her. She travels the country with her husband, dedicated to disaster relief.

“How did they survive this? It’s amazing. It’s God, there’s no other explanation,” Nelson said.

Ashley and Craig told us they put their three kids in the bathtub with a mattress over them and then they laid on top of the mattress.

Ashley and Craig are in the ICU. Their children are uninjured. A GoFundMe is raising money to help them.

The Green’s neighbor, Eddie Spears, lost his butcher shop. His friends from Tulsa came to help by creating a makeshift pen for his wayward cattle.

“Take the day off come down here spread some goodwill,” they said.

The search continues for 81-year-old Wayne Hogue. He’s the one person still missing.

His daughter-in-law Tamara Hogue said he was a man of God and even spoke of it on the phone moments before the storm hit.

“He said, ‘Son you just put your trust in Jesus,’ he was going to sit in his room and listen to the gospel. He said, ‘If the good lord is ready for me, that’s where I’m going,’” she said.

Tamara says family believes Wayne is home. They want to find him to say goodbye.

Kenneth Hogue

Anyone with information on Hogue is asked to call the Osage County Sheriff's Office at 918-287-3131.

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