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Green Country couple targeted twice in vehicle theft

Posted at 9:55 PM, Jun 20, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-21 07:42:19-04

TULSA, Okla — Two SUVs have been stolen from the same apartment complex in less than a month, that's the reality one Green Country couple is facing.

Anthony Meadows and Tiffany Hunter said they are frustrated that it has happened twice in the same apartment complex.

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Tiffany Hunter is a resident of the Somerset Apartment Complex, she's lived there for five years.

Thursday morning her 2005 Tahoe was stolen from the parking lot.

"Three and a half weeks ago, my fiancé's Tahoe was stolen from here as well,” Hunter said.

Her fiance, Anthony Meadows, is a wheelchair basketball athlete. He also had his Tahoe stolen from a handicap parking space at the same complex.

The thieves did not only took his Tahoe, but with it his basketball wheelchair.

“On my way to take one of the kids to school, as we get out to the parking lot…he asked me where’s the truck, I was like…it was here last night. Then we pretty much summed that it had been stolen,”Meadows said.

Surveillance video captured the suspects approaching Anthony's 2002 Tahoe moments before it was stolen.

“I can’t imagine hopping in a vehicle in a handicap spot and just justifying somebody else’s means, somebody worked hard for these vehicles,” Hunter said.

Meadows and Hunter are frustrated that it is easier then it should be for people to access the complex.

He said the gate was not closed the day Hunter's Tahoe was stolen.

“You have gate codes, but there’s no need for the gate codes because the gates are never closed," Meadows said.

The double theft causing an inconvenience to their daily routines and adding a financial burden to their pile of existing expenses.

“We have things that we have to do, getting things to practice, doctor’s appointments, just life in general,” Hunter said. “It’s a huge expense for us, you know my fiancee’s in a wheelchair and we do a lot of traveling with his sports, I was diagnosed with cancer in March so I have a lot of those expenses as well and then now trying to figure out how to replace to vehicles. It’s hard to grasp and wrap your mind around it.

Fortunately, Anthony's basketball wheelchair has been replaced.

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