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Family member of Oktaha shooting victims speaks out

Posted at 7:06 PM, Apr 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-28 10:38:02-04

OKTAHA, Okla. — A family member of the two men gunned down in Oktaha Friday night is speaking out.

Federal authorities have charged Kyle Owens with Murder in Indian Country for the shooting death of Benjamin and Stephen Hill.

Stephen’s uncle spoke with 2 News saying he hopes to get justice for his family members.

Last Friday night Bobby Sam got a call that his nephew Stephen Hill and ex brother-in-law Benjamin Hill were killed in a shooting in Oktaha.

It was something he didn’t think was real until he got to the scene.

“You know I see it on the news all the time people shoot, people killed. You never think this will happen to your family, but yeah, it did,” Bobby Sam said.

Sam says Benjamin was like a big brother and dad to him.

“He took me fishing and hunting and taught me everything I know because growing up my dad was never around,” he said.

Same says his nephew Stephen was funny, full of life, and a good welder.

“He welded. If you go to his house, you could see on his front gate, there's a big metal gate, it says Hill on the front of it. He welded that. He can weld anything,” Sam said.

In an affidavit filed by the FBI, it says around 8:30 p.m. Friday night police received a call from the suspect’s wife.

The report says she claimed someone had tried to run her off the road, that someone was on her property and her husband, Kyle Owens, was either going to shoot or had shot them.

At the end of the call, dispatchers heard four or five gunshots before the line disconnected. When dispatchers called back, Owens told them "they" were shot, dead in the road, and the weapon was "in a safe place inside." According to the report, the 911 dispatcher attempted to ask Owens what happened and who shot them. Owens said, “I decline to say over the phone what happened”.

The affidavit says investigators found about 28 shell casings at the scene.

Sam says lately all he hears from Oktaha is bad news.

“When I grew up there, that was 30 years ago, it seemed like a small, good, wholesome town and now it's just like everyone is doing drugs or shooting people,” Sam said.

He says he wishes whatever the dispute was about, it could have been handled a different way.

Now he just hopes to get justice.

“We’re just going to make sure he stays in prison for the rest of his life because you can’t shoot someone that many times and just get away with it," Sam said. "As long as he gets what he deserves I’m happy with it but if he doesn’t that’s a different story.”

If you would like to donate, Sam created a GoFundMe to raise money for Benjamin and Stephen’s funeral expenses.

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