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Family asking for help after fire destroyed home, cars, and tools

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Posted at 4:34 PM, Jun 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-28 08:02:26-04

MUSKOGEE, Okla. — A Green Country family lost everything in a fire that devastated them on Father's Day.

They are working on getting back on their feet but still need some outside help.

Fortunately for everyone involved, there was no loss of life in the fire.

Their home, cars, and tools were all reduced to rubble.

Chance Sterlin tells 2 News, “this was my shop with all of my tools, I had every kind of air tool you would ever need to work on farm equipment, I had every kind of farm tool you can think of.”

Stirlen and his family were on their way to a water park when an electrical fire started.

Stirlen says fire crews believe the fire started with a deep freeze that was located in his shop behind his home.

The flames quickly spread from the shop to his home, engulfing it and the four cars he had parked outside.

Only one of the vehicles parked out front was fully covered by insurance.

“My truck and trailer is one thing I really used to help our income, my Ferrier tools that were a big part of my income and without that, it’s a big impact on my income.”, Stirlen says.

They were able to get everyone out of the home safely, including all of their animals.

“We’re trying to get a trailer out here a travel trailer, just something to live in for right now, we have cows and horses here and we’re trying to get back home here in the property to be here to take care of the animals.”, Stirlen says.

Stirlen was only able to salvage some of his clothes, everything else was destroyed by the fire.

The family is currently staying in a motel and has rented a car for 30 days.

They are asking for help to rebuild their lives from an unexpected fire.

The fire put an unexpected emotional and financial burden on the family.

“I lost all my feed, I get paid once a month, I lost all my feed, I had a horse and cow feed and all that for a month and it all burned up, any help right now is just greatly appreciated.”, Stirlen says.

For more information about Stirlen and his family or to donate,click here.

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