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CHURCH VANDALISM: East Tulsa church's A/C units destroyed by vandals

Posted at 6:14 PM, Jun 16, 2024

TULSA, Okla — Thieves targeted another church for its A/C units this time in east Tulsa.

Jose Alfonso is a pastor at Iglesias Piedra Angular Church near S. 129th and Route 66.

One of his staff members called him with a frightening message.

“He told me, pastor, you need to come. There has been some damage to the A/C units. It appears that someone stole it," said Alfonso.

Alfonso arrived to see all the church’s A/C units destroyed, putting the church in a tough financial position.

“We’re talking about thousands and thousands of dollars because we are talking about five units," said Alfonso.

This isn't the first time a church has been targeted by vandals in Green Country.

WATCH: In April, 2 News' Naomi Keitt met with North Peoria Church of Christ, where their A/C units were gutted for copper, causing $100,000 in damage.

CHURCH VANDALISM: Thieves do $100K worth of damage to A/C units

Alfonso is disappointed to see acts of vandalism towards a place of worship.

“It's bad to do this kind of damage in every place, but to the house of the Lord, come on," said Alfonso.
Despite the setback, Alfonso found ways to provide church service still.

“We moved our main service to our children's center, and we church over there. It’s not the same, but people came," Alfonso said.

Alfonso said he was working with the Tulsa police to try to find the attackers. To donate to help Iglesias Piedra Angular church, click here.

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