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Bristow Medical Center still closed with no timeline on reopening

Bristow Medical Center 3
Bristow Medical Center 2
Posted at 10:15 PM, Jan 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-19 11:24:25-05

BRISTOW, Okla. — It has been 18 days since the Bristow Medical Center closed and there is no timeline on reopening.

The Bristow Medical Center closed when there was a change in operations and the new operators still don't have the necessary licenses.The Bristow Hospital Authority held a council meeting Tuesday night to discuss the situation.

“We’re still waiting on that licensure from the state and waiting to hear back from them on what exemptions they will give us,” Jordyn Case with Carrus Health said.

Carrus Health took over the operation of the Bristow Medical Center after the previous company's lease ended on December 31st at midnight who took the current licenses with them.

Now, Carrus Health is still not able to get the licensing to re-open the center's doors. Carrus started working to get licenses in June, but the hospital needs upgrades.

On January 11th, the Bristow city attorney and Carrus got a list of fixes to make and the city’s attorney says this week they will have an architect check over that list.

“What she is going to do is identify things that she feels are sufficient for waivers at the present time," said Beth Ann Childs the attorney for the City of Bristow and Bristow Hospital Authority. "She also for some of the other more critical issues, for lack of a better word, will create a plan of action in terms of getting them completed.”

Since the closure of the hospital, Creek County Ambulance is responsible for the care of the patients in the community. We will inform them that unfortunately, the Bristow Medical Center is closed and then we will give them the options of where they can be treated,” Kerry Harlin with Creek County Ambulance said.

That is if it’s not a critical case. If a patient is critical, they take them to the nearest hospital without asking.

Overall Harlin says so far there haven’t been any major issues with this facility being closed. In what instance would it be an issue?

“Well if we had a cardiac arrest or a major incident like that. Having the hospital open and being in the area that would be closer so obviously the minutes for transfer would be lower,” Harlin said.

The city and Carrus Health are also working together to get an urgent care up and running to offset the hospital being closed.

2 News Oklahoma will continue to keep in touch with the city and Carrus Health to find out updates on the licensing and the proposed urgent care.

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