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Elderly Tulsa woman struggles with termite infestation

Posted at 2:32 PM, Jun 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-08 16:09:47-04

TULSA, Okla. — When an elderly Tulsa woman discovered pests may be eating away at her home, her family needed help.

They feared they had a warranty that was ending up worthless. Returning home one day in April was something Marcia Judy may never forget, "when we saw the swarm it was unbelievable and shocking."

A swarm of termites greeted her inside and those were just the live ones.

"The dead ones were all over the carpet everywhere, in many rooms,"she said.

Thank goodness, Judy thought, her husband contracted with Terminix more than a quarter-century ago and made every payment on time. They had up to four inspections every year. So this termite infestation would be taken care of, along with any damage. At least, that's what the contract said.

"We had confidence that after being a faithful customer for many years, they were going to handle, take care of it, and respond quickly," Judy said.

But Keri, her daughter, said she called Terminix after her mom found those termites. She called several times to find out what the next move was, but after an initial visit the next day, no response.

"I don't feel very confident in what they've sold my parents, I'm losing faith in them," said Keri.

Finally, Keri said a technician showed up a couple of weeks later and found some damage.

"I was told at that point verbally they were taking responsibility and our next point would be a contact from a contractor," she said.

But once again, Keri and Marcia said radio silence for days. When she called about it, Keri said the local office was nice enough, but her mom's account didn't mention any damage report, if there were still any live termites, or if any further action was to be taken.

"This is family home and we feel like it could be falling around us, falling down all around us," said Keri.

Keri said after the representative found the termite damage he said it could take a while to get the repairs done. Keri said that's fine, the family just wants open lines of communication and assurances the work is going to be done.

After 2 News got in touch with the corporate office, we were told Terminix started the claim process.

Here are some tips to know before signing any type of warranty contract:

  • Always get everything in writing... don't settle for a verbal agreement.
  • Study the costs.
  • Ask yourself: are you better off putting money aside in a separate repair account, instead of buying the warranty?
  • How long does the contract last? Make sure there is a definite end date.
  • Be clear on what is specifically covered.
  • What's involved in the claim process?
  • Consider the reputation of the company.

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