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Maternity shoot catches horse horsing around

buckshot the horse
Posted at 6:43 AM, Jun 18, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-18 07:43:36-04

TULSA, Okla. — "Has this ever happened before? Have you ever had someone steal the scene like the horse did?" 2 News' Mike Brooks asks.

"No, Buckshot definitely stole the show," said Kristen Zaffiro, a professional photographer for almost 20 years.

But Zaffiro's pictures have her work now being seen not only around her hometown of Cincinnati, but around the globe. She said Amanda Eckstein and Philip Werner wanted to include their horses during a maternity shoot and at first, the horse didn't cooperate.

"They were kind of turned in their little group with their backsides facing the camera," she said. "So I finally got Buckshot turned around and that's when I said 'well you could at least smile for us'."

And smile he did. Buckshot turned around, started smiling and laughing. Things he is not trained to do.

"When he did, it made me laugh," Zaffiro said. "And the more I laughed, the more he laughed."

When asked how the couple reacted, Zaffiro said, "I guess (Buckshot) does things like this a lot. So they don't figure that he smiles on command. But the fact that he kind of wanted to be the center of everything, he played into it. So maybe he understands. I don't know!"

The result? Priceless pictures bringing smiles and laughter to people everywhere.

"People are reacting so positively," she said. "It's making everyone laugh and it's bringing joy to a lot of people."

Zaffiro also said patients in the hospital facing scary situations are finding joy in her pictures.

"It's been a wonderful reaction."

When asked if she's ever going to work with Buckshot again, Zaffiro said, "Yes, we are! The baby will eventually. We'll get to have pictures with the baby and Buckshot."

Zaffiro said the photographs are so popular with millions of views and even more comments, she's fallen in love with her job as a photographer for a second time.

"It's just wonderful that it's reached so many people," she said. "I never thought I'd be viral, you know? My kids say that's important, so I guess it is!"

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