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"God has your back": Coweta graduate hopes his story inspires others

jaxton edwards
Posted at 5:15 PM, May 31, 2024

COWETA, Okla. — A Coweta teenager with quite the testimony has a new chapter to share.

Jaxton Edwards is looking toward a bright future, telling a crowded room that God's not done with him yet.

"Know that the good Lord has a plan for everybody," said Edwards.

Jaxton shared those words of inspiration at the Coweta FFA Banquet, where he won the Chapter Star in Agriculture Award.

You may recall last June, Jaxton sustained a traumatic brain injury during an accident on the family farm.

Jaxton's Journey

His grandpa, Larry Denton, said it happened in a flash.

"I saw him hit his head on the trailer. Anyway, he started to talk to me and said Pa- my head hurts- I said hang on a minute- and then he started to get wobbly."

First responders rushed to the home of this first responder family—a familiar place since Jaxton's dad was Coweta's long-time Fire Chief.

Coweta Police Sergeant Bobby Pickett, who's like a brother to Jaxton, was first on the scene.

"When I made it to Jaxton, he was unable to talk to me. He couldn't really tell me what was hurting; he just kept pointing to his head," Pickett said.

Once stabilized, Jaxon was airlifted to St. Francis Medical Center and put in a medically induced coma for 36 hours.

When he woke up, Jaxton's mom couldn't believe it.

"They took CAT scans and MRIs over and over to monitor him, and when they took him off sedation and took the tube out, and nothing happened. It was such a miracle, and I contribute that to the millions of people who were praying for Jaxton," said Misty Edwards, Jaxton's Mom.

It's been nearly a year since that accident, and Jaxton said his health remains perfect.

He just received his Oklahoma State FFA degree and spoke of his deep faith and future in his farewell speech.

"If it weren't for the good Lord, most people would know; I don't know if I would be here today. I have had a few accidents here and there, but the good Lord has a plan for everybody, and just like me, it wasn't my plan to go that day. He wanted me to keep going. He wanted me to keep going in life, and he wanted me to keep my head up. No matter the trailer that has fallen or anything else, I want you to know that God has your back," said Jaxton.

The day after delivering that speech, Jaxton graduated from Coweta High School. In the fall, he will attend Connor's State College in Warner to pursue a career in Agriculture Management.

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