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Tulsa police video addresses speeding drivers amid spike in fatal crashes

Posted at 6:50 AM, Oct 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-12 08:01:38-04

TULSA, Okla. — The Tulsa Police Department is reporting a dramatic increase in traffic fatalities on city streets. They say many of those crashes are a direct result of speeding.

There have been more than 50 fatal crashes this year. Tulsa’s yearly average is usually about 45 crashes.

On Monday, the department put out a video on Facebook directly addressing the issue saying officers have seen some cars speeding up to 50 miles per hour over the speed limit. The video shows a picture one officer took off his radar gun showing a car that was caught going 103 miles per hour.

The department is spreading out officers across town dedicated to watching out for speeding drivers. In the video, Lt. Paul Madden, traffic safety coordinator for Tulsa Police, also explains that it takes 250 feet for a vehicle to come to a complete stop going 55 miles per hour.

The department also says they have seen a spike in intoxicated drivers as well. Police are urging the public to put down the phones and slow down to avoid tragedy on the road.

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