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Tulsa police: Stolen U-Haul pickup leads to four drug trafficking arrests

Tulsa police
Posted at 8:40 AM, Nov 27, 2022

TULSA, Okla. — A stolen U-Haul pickup led to several people getting arrested for drug trafficking charges on Friday, Tulsa police say.

Around 7:45 p.m., a patrol officer found a stolen U-Haul pickup at a Clarion Motel near 31st and Memorial. Jason Solis was found in the driver's seat at the time.

Solis claimed his girlfriend rented the pickup and they "just decided to keep it." He also said he was waiting for someone to come out of the motel, which caused officers to be tipped off to a possible drug deal.

Later, Elisha McAnally came out of the motel and tried to run away once she spotted police on the scene. She was caught and officers found meth hidden in her clothes. McAnally then stated she came to the motel to buy drugs for Solis.

Solis was then arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle and McAnally was arrested for possession of methamphetamine.

Police used the motel's security cameras to find the room where McAnally bought the drugs. This led them to find Tara Alvita-Gourd Gutierrez and Terry Roland outside of the room. Both were arrested on outstanding warrants against them.

Both Guiterrez and Roland are tribal members. Roland was arrested for trafficking narcotics on Muscogee Nation charges, and Gutierrez was arrested on her Osage County warrant with a hold for federal authorities.

The stolen pickup was later returned to U-Haul. Solis' girlfriend will face charges of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle for not returning the truck.

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