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Tips to keep students safe while riding the bus to school

Posted at 6:15 AM, Aug 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-16 05:50:33-04

OWASSO, Okla. — Nearly 10,000 Owasso school district students headed back to the classroom Thursday. Many of those students come to the first day of school by bus.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, students are 70 times more likely to get to school safely when riding the bus.

That's because buses are designed for safety with flashing lights, stop signs, big mirrors, and their bright yellow paint.

However, the 10-foot area around a school bus is the most dangerous, according to the National Safety Council. That's why parents are encouraged to talk to their kids about how to do their part to stay safe.

At the bus stop, kids should arrive early and stand 6 feet away from the curb. Visibility is crucial to bus drivers, and if the child is running to the bus stop late the driver may not be able to see them.

When around the bus, never walk behind the bus, always walk in front, and make eye contact with the driver before crossing.

If a kid drops something near the bus, instruct them not to pick it up immediately but first alert the bus driver.

Parents should also talk to their kids about looking both ways before crossing any road.

Owasso Public Schools has 22 dedicated crossing guards that help provide safety for students each school day.

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