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SILO AT SMITH FARM: Residents in Owasso upset over $25M housing development

Posted at 5:40 PM, Jul 05, 2024

OWASSO, Okla. — Once a dairy farm built back in the 1940s will soon be a 25-million dollar neighborhood of 62 homes.

Cars drive up and down 96th and Garnett Rd at all times of the day, mainly because the area has become a major shopping district.

Now, a housing development is about to be crammed in the middle.

Many people aren't happy about the addition and went to Facebook to express their concern.

We caught up with Shelly Ward shopping. She said Owasso's growth is the main reason she chooses to live in Sperry.

"Well, some of the progression, I think, it's been really good for the economy, but as far as the congestion, it's gotten really bad," Ward said.

Kris Eason said she doesn't mind the addition – but does mind how close the houses will be built together.

"That's my only problem is who wants to be that close together with your neighbors," said Eason.

The price for these 1,200 to 1,800-square-foot homes can be up to $390,000. The homes are a sad reminder to people like Ward that Owasso isn't the farming community it once was.

"Again, when I first moved out this way, there was a lot more land. There were a lot more farming communities and people who used the land to make their living," said Ward.

We reached out to Capital Homes for a comment on their development, but no one was in the office.

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