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Severe weather live blog May 27

Posted at 10:06 AM, May 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-27 23:40:18-04

Tracking the latest in storm and flooding developments on May 27 across Green Country:

7:45 p.m.

The City of Tulsa is closing Riverside from 21st to 31st due to floodwaters.

6:34 p.m.

5:51 p.m.

4:30 p.m.

CIty of Coweta Update:

1. There is a temporary pump in place to re-fill the reservoir for the freshwater treatment facility. This will allow the city to process drinking water. YOU MAY NOTICE AN INCREASED CHLORINE SCENT from the water while we are using the temporary pump. This is normal, the water is and will be safe to drink and use.

3. Barricades/"Road Closed" signs are NOT OPTIONAL for driver obedience, Coweta officials say. Those signs are there for a reason and state law provides for a ticket of up to $1,000 without children in the vehicle and of up to $2,500 if you have people under 18 in the vehicle and go around/remove a barricade. Wagoner County deputies and Coweta PD will write you that ticket. People ignoring barricades have resulted in several emergency water rescues over the past few days, endangering those who drove into water and those who had to rescue them.

4. With the increased water everywhere, West Nile virus is an increasing threat. Please use bug spray when outside and protect yourselves from mosquitoes as much as possible.

5. Do not play in or allow others to play in the floodwaters. Not only are the currents dangerous, but the debris and the possible contaminants are equally dangerous. Banks and areas near the water are eroding and unstable. Don't go up to the water to look.

6.They have built a temporary earthen dike around the City of Coweta wastewater treatment plant to help protect it from rising water in that area.

7. We thank everyone for their help and efforts in conserving water. PLEASE CONTINUE TO CONSERVE WATER until notified otherwise by the City of Coweta.

8. If you've had damage, please report it! Help may be available, but only for those who report via this link:

9. If you are in a low-lying area that typically floods, or in the 100-year flood plain, or near one of the rivers, Coweta officials encourage you to consider voluntarily evacuating. Shelter is available at the I-High at 14699 S. 305th E. Avenue. Pets can be accommodated at the City Animal Control facility -- call the CPD non-emergency number to make arrangements in advance. To check if you're in a flood zone, use this link:

4:15 p.m.

The Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort has made available congregations in the Tulsa area where flood victims can receive help. Three churches -- one in north Tulsa, south Tulsa and in Sand Springs -- are offering varying types of relief assistance. Click here to find out more.

3:28 p.m.

The Tulsa Health Department says it is working to respond to those affected by recent storms, tornadoes and flooding in Tulsa County. The no-cost immunizations will begin May 28 at Tulsa Health Department clinics. Health officials say floodwater presents dangers and contains bacteria. The shots are available to anyone affected by the weather events in Tulsa County. Click here to find out more.

11:37 a.m.
The Montgomery County (Kansas) Sheriff's Office released the following information about the mandatory evacuation of Coffeyville, Kansas and other counties:

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has notified Montgomery County Emergency Management that water is being released from Fall River Reservoir and Toronto Reservoir with the potential for flooding, which will likely affect the cities of Coffeyville and Independence, all low lying areas and surrounding farmlands by May 27.

Residents in these areas are urged to take necessary precautions and be prepared to evacuate, if necessary. Gather supplies for each person’s specific needs and don’t forget your family pets. Shelters are provided in Coffeyville and Independence:
Coffeyville – First Southern Baptist Church – Pets allowed
Boys and Girls Club – Pets allowed
Independence – Memorial Hall – Pets Allowed

Shelters are allowing animals. Do not leave animals confined in potentially areas that will be or already are flooding.

To access information on road closures go to The Kansas Department of Transportation is monitoring road closures.

Additional Flooding Safety Information:
· Avoid flood water. Do not drive, swim, walk or play near flood water. Turn around, don’t drown.
· If told to evacuate, do so immediately. Never drive around barricades. Local responders use them to safely direct traffic out of flooded areas.
· Depending on where you are and the impact and the warning time of flooding, go to the safe location that you have previously identified.
· Listen to EAS, NOAA Weather Radio, or local alerting systems for current emergency information and instructions.
· Gather supplies in case you have to leave immediately or if services are cut off. Keep in mind each person’s specific needs, including medication.
· Don’t forget the needs of pets.
· Obtain extra batteries and charging devices for phones and other critical equipment.
· Keep important documents in a waterproof container. Create password-protected digital copies.
· Protect your property. Move valuables to higher levels. Declutter drains and gutters. Install check valves. Consider a sump pump with a battery.
· For more information about preparing for flood response, visit:
· If you were affected by the 2007 flood, please evacuate immediately.
· If you have family and friends that do not have social media, please check on them frequently.

Conditions are being closely monitored by Montgomery County Emergency Management, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and Montgomery County Officials. Montgomery County Deputies and Montgomery County Rural Firefighters are going door to door to check on rural residents in affected flood areas. Please call 620-330-1000 if immediate assistance is needed.

11:34 a.m.
The United States Army Corps of Engineers released the following about yesterday's levels and condition of Oologah Lake:
Tulsa District was releasing 65,000 cubic feet per second or 455,500 gallons per second from the auxiliary spillway in our ongoing efforts to manage the inflows into our reservoirs brought on by the persistent heavy rainfall across the watershed in Northern Oklahoma and Southern Kansas.

Our number one priority is public safety.

Our engineers and hydrologists are monitoring the situation 24/7 and we are continuing to update our hydrology models as needed. Many of our lake staffs, rangers and maintenance personnel are working around the clock as well, monitoring the structures and dams.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those whose lives have been affected by the flooding that has been brought on by persistent heavy rainfall across the region.

11:25 a.m.
The City of Bixby announced the following update on flooding conditions:
The City is continuing to monitor water levels and local impacts. A total increase in water level of approximately 4 inches has been observed at some locations around the City. No other changes in neighborhood or roadway status at this time. Provided there are no changes the next update will be at approximately 12PM.

11:10 a.m.
The Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management, along with other organizations, posted the following information about how you can donate to help those affected by the severe weather outbreak in Green Country:

When disaster strikes, the best way to support survivors of emergencies or disasters in Oklahoma is with cash donations to reputable voluntary organizations. Cash donations allow relief organizations or survivors to purchase what they need, when and where they need it. Buying supplies locally helps the local community recover by helping local businesses pay salaries and by keeping tax revenues in the community.

Do not send additional items unless specifically requested by a local community. Do not send unsolicited donations of used clothing, miscellaneous items or perishable foods, which must be sorted, warehoused, transported and distributed. This requires more efforts and staffing to manage those resources and takes away from recovery efforts.

A flood relief fund has been set up through the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Foundation for Oklahoma Cattlemen affected by the ongoing flooding across the state. One hundred percent of the donated funds will be distributed to the affected cattlemen. Donate at [].

From American Red Cross of Oklahoma

American Red Cross of Oklahoma
23 hrs ·
Thank you everyone, for reaching out to us to help families recover from the floods and tornadoes. The very best way to assist is a financial donation, as it allows us the flexibility to buy the things we need. You may text the word "REDCROSS" to 90999 to donate $10 or even learn how to become a volunteer at We are grateful for your generosity.

From the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma

Please go to for updated information and to make a donation. People can also help by texting “disaster” to 243725. For those who would like to help by volunteering their time can go to the Food Bank’s volunteer page at okfoodbank/volunteer or call 918-585-2800.

From the City of Tulsa

Pets can go to the temporary shelter at Tulsa Expo Square Fairground Pavilion (south entrance) from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. The temporary pet shelter at the Fairground is accepting pet food, blankets and towels.
Residents in Tulsa County with questions or concerns related to this flooding event or evacuations can call 211, 211 is also equipped to take damage assessments and answer questions about donations to those affected by the floods.

10:50 a.m.
The Memorial Day program at Ft. Gibson National Cemetery will go on as scheduled at 2 p.m. today. For those unable to make it due to flooding, please know that VA employees and volunteers will honor your loved ones that day. If you do come, please use Google Maps with the address: 1423 Cemetery Rd, Ft. Gibson for safe routes.

10:14 a.m.
City of Tulsa gave the following TAEMA Emergency Operations update:
The Army Corps of Engineers increased the release at Keystone Dam this morning at to 275,000 cubic feet per second (cfs) at 7 a.m. At the current rate, the additional outflow from Keystone has already reached the western parts of Tulsa County. The impact will begin to be seen in central Tulsa around 12 Noon today and south Tulsa County later this afternoon. The Corps has announced it will continue this level (275,000 cfs) of outflow from the Keystone Dam through Thursday.

Currently, the Keystone Dam and the Tulsa County levees are working as they should and there have been no levee breaches at this time. With the additional volume of water being discharged through the levee system, officials continue to monitor this situation. First responders are working around the clock to monitor and maintain each levee. The City of Tulsa has already been planning for flooding levels that Tulsa experienced in 1986, when Keystone Dam release levels reached over 300,000 cubic feet per second. The maps for 250,000 cfs and 305,000 cfs can be found at []

Shelters & Evacuation Plans
Residents who live near Levee A and B should already have evacuation plans in place. Levee A is south of the Keystone Expressway/Hwy412, east of River City Park Rd. and west of 65th W. Ave. Levee B is between 65th W. Ave. to Newblock Park and south of Keystone Expressway/Hwy412.

Bus transportation via Tulsa Transit has been arranged to assist residents who want to self-evacuate. The hours for bus transportation will begin today at 11 a.m. and run until midnight. Citizens interested in self-evacuation can go to one of two locations for transportation assistance to the shelters. Please note location has been changed. The self-evacuation locations are 2401 Charles Page Blvd. at Tulsa County Social Services and Cameron St. & 41st W. Avenue (Wayman Tisdale Fine Arts Academy). The Metropolitan Tulsa Transit Authority (MTTA) is the official transportation to the shelters.

At this time, there are two evacuation shelters in place - Crosstown Church of Christ, 3400 E. Admiral Place, Faith Church, 1901 West 171st St. in Glenpool. A third shelter will be established and announced if needed. ADA service animals can be taken to the shelter locations. All other pets can go to the temporary shelter at Tulsa Expo Square Fairground Pavilion (south entrance) from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. The temporary pet shelter at the Fairground is accepting pet food, blankets and towels. For large animal shelter requests, please contact 211.

Tulsa Police drove the residential area behind the Levees on Sunday May 26 to alert residents to the opportunity for self-evacuation, bus transportation and shelters. If there is a breach in the levee, power will be shut off to the area immediately. The power remains on at this time.

Levee Management
City, County and federal officials are closely monitoring the levees 24/7 and repairing and maintaining as necessary. Seepage around the levees is to be expected.

Residents should be prepared for a voluntary evacuation and remain vigilant to this evolving situation. If a breach occurs, a message will be broadcast over the emergency alert system. It is highly recommended that all residents who live near Levees A and B pay attention to local officials and news coverage, listen to weather radios, be observant of local weather apps, and seek higher ground if necessary as a levee comprise would inundate the areas quickly.

Levee maps can be found at: []

Floodwaters Advisement

Residents are advised to stay away from floodwater and standing waters as they can be dangerous. Tulsa Police and Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office are patrolling neighborhoods that have already been evacuated to thwart looters and keep homes secure and will do the same with any future evacuations.

Infrastructure During Flood of Record

PSO reports it has no issue with ability to supply power as needed and maintain service even during a flood of record. PSO Customer needs will be met using power generation and purchases from the Southwest Power Pool.

The Water & Sewer Department Director reported there are no concerns with water treatment plants as a result of this river flood of record. Precautionary measures have been taken at the Southside Wastewater Treatment and Haikey Creek plants, although no flooding is expected.

A public sand bag location is available at Oral Roberts University Mabee Center parking lot, 7777 S. Lewis Ave., open 24/7. Jenks has 200 sand bags available for residents tonight at 1701 N. Birch in Jenks.

Greenwaste Facility
The City of Tulsa Greenwaste Facility located at 2100 North 145th E. Ave., is a free greenwaste removal option for Tulsa and Broken Arrow residents and available year-round. Customers outside of Tulsa and Broken Arrow can pay $0.55 per cubic yard at the gate to drop-off greenwaste. The Greenwaste site will be open today from 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. A current driver's license or a recent City of Tulsa or Broken Arrow utility bill with a Tulsa or Broken Arrow address is required to use the site.

Road Closures
The City of Tulsa created a road closure map for flooding impact, visit []

Stay Updated on the Flooding Event
Follow the City of Tulsa on Twitter @cityoftulsagov and visit [] for updates. Live feeds from news conferences are available on the City of Tulsa Gov Facebook.

The City of Tulsa website has a Google translator that can translate all web pages in more than 121 languages. The City of Tulsa is also adding translations of this briefing in various languages to the City’s Facebook page when available.

All maps for the flooding event can be found at: []

10:13 a.m.
Rogers County Sheriff's Office officials gave the following update about roads they are currently monitoring:

- Highway 88 between Claremore and Oologah Dam, the road is closed ¼ mile South of E/W 420 Road.

-The intersection of E/W 400 and N/S 4150 Road is closed.

-E/W 370 Road between N/S 4160 and N/S 4170 Roads is closed.

- Highway 20 between Claremore and Owasso, at the bottom of Keetonville Hill, by Verdigris River Bridge, the road is still not taking on water, but we are monitoring it.

- Old 88 Highway is closed ½ mile north of E/W 450 Road.

-E/W 300 Road, commonly referred to as ‘Winganon Road, is closed ½ mile West of N/S 4180 Road.

Officials also said residents in need of sandbags can come to the Rogers County District 3 Maintenance Barn, Highway 66 and E/W 510 Road.

10:09 a.m.
Tulsa County:
SH51 from 145th W Ave to Avery Dr.

Rogers County:
US169 approximately two miles north of Talala.
SH88 approximately five miles north of Claremore

Creek County:

Okmulgee County:

Creek Turnpike:

10:01 a.m.

Delaware County:
SH127 west of US59

Mayes County:

SH10 eastbound and westbound from US169 to the Craig/Nowata County line
SH28 between US169 and US60

Ottawa County:
SH69A northbound and southbound is closed from US69 to SH10
SH125 at SH10
US69 northbound and southbound from 30RD to the Oklahoma/Kansas State line
US69 eastbound and westbound from the Neosho River to NS545RD

Washington County:
SH123 between Bartlesville and Dewey
SH11 northbound and southbound at East 186th Street North

Will Rogers Turnpike:

Cherokee Turnpike:

9:53 a.m.
PSO gave a quick outage report following Sunday morning's tornado outbreak:
- Fewer than 100 outages remain in south Tulsa/Jenks. 38 customers are still without power near 86th and Pittsburg and 28 customers are without power near 115th and Nandina in Jenks. Estimated time of repair (ETR) for all those customers is 5 p.m. today.
- A little over 300 customers are without power in Broken Arrow near 91st (Washington) and just east of 161st East Avenue (Elm). Multiple transmission structures are either broken or damaged. ETR will be announced later on this morning.

9:47 a.m.
The Salvation Army helped with relief efforts in three locations:

  • Sand Springs - they provided meals and such to residents of Sand Springs' Meadow Valley subdivision.
  • Tulsa - Providing meal support to evacuees at Crosstown Church of Christ
  • Sapulpa - Snacks and such being provided for emergency personnel in Creek County.

9:39 a.m.
National Weather Service rates tornadoes in Sapulpa, Broken Arrow, Kellyville

9:07 a.m.
Power restored at Sapulpa Water Substation

8:28 a.m.
Millions under flash flood watch as severe weather expected for large swaths of Midwest

8 a.m.
City of Bixby gave an update about the impact of flooding - a total increase in water level of approximately three inches was observed at locations around the city.

7:40 a.m.
River Parks Authority posts a very informative map about where all the water in Green Country is coming from.

7:23 a.m.
City of Coffeyville instituting mandatory evacuation

6:31 a.m.
Keystone Dam release to increase again this morning

6:02 a.m.
Six dead after severe weather in Oklahoma

4:37 a.m.
Historic flooding expected as 3.6 million under flash flood watch

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