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ONE WEEK LATER: Multiple Claremore neighborhoods without power after storms

Posted at 5:33 PM, Jun 02, 2024

TULSA, Okla — The neighborhoods of Claremore are filled with homes using generators, as most of the area still lacks power.

However, not everyone is lucky to have a generator to power their homes. Larry Hayes still hasn't had power since the tornado.

"I've been doing good; the toughest part is at night; it gets pretty quiet, and it's dark, and there's no lights on,” said Hayes.

Despite the challenges of no power, Hayes said he's thankful for the recovery efforts from first responders. After the tornado, his home was covered in debris.

Then, it was all cleared up, with minimal parts of the home that still needed to be fixed.

"I can say that we have a good police department and that I appreciate all the people that have stopped and brought food in,” said Hayes.

Hayes said that his street is seeing improvements with debris being removed. As well as he can rely on his neighbors as a support system.

"But I know there's other people out there are going through the same thing that I'm going through so that helps me,” Hayes said.

Hayes said he is still getting used to the dark streets and loss of greenery. He told 2 News he's going to keep moving forward no matter what.

"I'm just taking one day at a time; that's all I can do," Hayes said.

Hayes is unsure how long it will take to repair his home fully.

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