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New shooting group aims to empower, educate women about firearms

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Posted at 5:41 PM, Dec 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-17 08:09:22-05

DEWEY, Okla. — A new shooting group in Dewey is aiming to teach women more about guns and make them more comfortable using one.

Six women met at Guns of Glory gun range in Dewey Thursday morning. They're part of the new ladies-only shooting group called "Steel Grace." All of the women come with a variety of experience with guns.

“We had those that have been shooting with me for six-plus years," said Kara Gage, lead instructor at Guns of Glory. "And those that took their actual first shot of ever firing a gun for the first time today.”

Sisters-in-law Brandi and Debbie Veit decided to check out the group. For Brandi, she wanted to better learn to protect herself and her family.

“I lost my husband a couple of years ago and was left with three girls," Brandi said. "And I felt defenseless. And wanted to be able to defend my house.”

Meanwhile, this is a new experience for Debbie. She said she took the class to learn more about using a gun.

“I just wanted knowledge," Debbie said. "I don’t know much about guns and different brands and different calibers and things like that. But I just wanted some knowledge.”

The first part of the session is spent in the classroom learning things like gun safety. The second half is at the gun range where instructors help and teach the women.

For some, they show them how to properly hold the gun, aim and hit their target.

Gage leads the session, which for these women, was a huge part of the reason they decided to join.

“For women, just having the camaraderie of other women makes it more comfortable," Brandi said. "And having a woman teach you is important too.”

“Women training women, it makes for a lot more of a non-intimidating environment," Gage said. "We learn differently. We educate each other differently. We know how to talk to each other.”

The group meets once a month, typically on the third Thursday of the month. There's a morning and an evening session.

You can find more information on the Guns of Glory Facebook page here.

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