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MEMORIAL RODEO: Family's dream turns into annual rodeo in memory of mother

Posted at 5:08 PM, Jul 06, 2024

BEGGS, Okla. — When many think of a multi-generational business, they think of a restaurant or a mom-and-pop shop.

But in Beggs, an annual rodeo happens.

It all started just over two decades ago with a husband-and-wife's dream.

Clarence Demery told his wife Linda the dream of a rodeo arena, and she was all in.

"A long time I dreamed about doing it for years, probably 10 or 15 years before I started," said Demery.

They sat their seven children and told them about the new family business. The family began building from the ground up. The rodeo grew in popularity. Sadly, in 2010, Linda passed away.

Demery's seven children

2 News talked with Melessa Kennedy, the youngest of the seven, who said it is difficult each year without her mom there.

'It is still, every time it comes around, its just like, it just kind of brings it back up that this was their dream and we gotta get in there and get it because mom meant everything to us," said Kennedy.

So, in honor of Linda, they named the rodeo the Linda. L. Demery Memorial Rodeo.

The business is still going strong four generations later, with Clarence's children running the rodeo.

"Kind of sit back and let my family do it," Demery said.

Clarence's grand and great-grandchildren are now competing, like Kandra and her daughter, who we spoke with in May.

Green Country mother-daughter trailblazes in rodeo competition

"And their children see that they love it. I just see it continuing and that our legacy will continue to move on," said Kennedy.

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