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Jenks West Intermediate adds "Reset room" to help with mental health

Posted at 6:38 PM, Dec 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-13 20:03:18-05

JENKS, Okla. — Jenks West Intermediate is getting creative to help students take a break from class if they become overwhelmed or distracted in class.

They created what they are calling a "reset room."

It’s a place to help kids reset when they find it difficult to focus in class.

“The reset room is a chance for students to come in and have a redo or take a break, have a quiet, calm area being able to get back into the classroom," said Micah Gunther, Jenks West Intimidate Assistant Principal.

The room has things like a massage chair, a punching bag, weighted blankets, trampolines and more to cater to the student’s different needs.

Stella Kern is a 5th-grade student and she says she is happy to have this outlet especially in this situation.

“I would feel most likely stressed because we have to write a lot in not a lot of time,” Kern said.

And when she feels that way she asks her teacher to take a break in the reset room and she says that makes all the difference.

“Then I wouldn’t feel like a lot of pressure,” she said.

The idea came about when students were returning to the classrooms from online.

"It has been a struggle for some of them to come back into the classroom and so this is a great way for them to cope," Gunther said.

Kids can use the room for 20 minutes at a time and as many times a day as needed.

When in the room a staff member will evaluate their needs to suggest how they can use the room to reset.

School officials say so far it has changed the morale of the school in a positive way.

“They have enjoyed being able to use the different techniques, maybe using the punching bag and getting that energy out rather than on somebody else," Gunther said. "Staff has appreciated having a spot that they can go and say "Hey, you are getting kind of escalated. Let’s go take a reset and come back with a clean slate."

After seeing a good response to this initiative at Jenks West Intermediate, Jenks Public Schools says they will be exploring opportunities and funding to possibly add a reset room to more schools in the district.

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