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Bee infestation causing concern among residents at Shoreline Apartments

Posted at 10:27 PM, Sep 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-21 09:33:24-04

TULSA, Okla. — A pair of neighbors reached out to 2 News Oklahoma to ask for help with a bee infestation in their homes.

Dana Johnson said it's not just one or two bees, but hundreds of them, disrupting her life and threatening her family. She's worried about their safety.

“I’ve been killing at least 100 bees a day," Johnson said.

Johnson said a swarm of bees has invaded every corner of her home. She said she can even hear them buzz through her walls.

“They’re coming through my vents. They’re coming from little cracks in my shower head, you know where the water part comes out and leads to the wall. They’re coming through there. They’re coming from my utility closet where my hot water heater closet is at, from the top of the roof," she said.

Johnson lives at Shoreline Apartments, near 21st and Mingo. She said about a year ago she let the complex know about the bees. She said the buzzing in her walls stopped for a while, so, she thought the problem had been taken care of. However, the bees are back.

“It’s a concern for me because my soon to be husband is allergic to bees you know, and he has to keep his epi pen on him. My youngest son actually got stung, thank God he’s not allergic to bees at all, but who wants to be stung?," Johnson said.

So, she turned to 2 News Oklahoma for help. Her neighbor reached out to 2 News first. He expressed the same frustration because he's allergic to bees.

2 News contacted Vesta Realty, owner of the complex. They confirmed there's a beehive in the ventilation system.

“We were able to come and get a specialist out to come and look at their situation and it is a hive that’s going to need removal," Ryan Mattie, president of operations for Vesta Realty said.

The company said they started working on a solution as soon as tenants complained this week. They said the beekeeper is scheduled to come Thursday and relocate the hive. Meanwhile, they are allowing the impacted neighbors to move into a furnished unit nearby.

“They’re going to be able to stay close to home and be able to stay on site just in a location that is not a risk for an allergy," Mattie said.

People with Vesta Realty said right now they are only aware of two units that are impacted.

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