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Anonymous helpers, community rallies around Vinita scam victim

Dovie, Vinita resident
Posted at 10:56 AM, Apr 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-06 23:32:52-04

VINITA, Okla. — Despair turns to hope for an elderly Vinita scam victim.

KJRH first told Dovie's story a couple of weeks ago after she lost her life savings to a scammer, now, bad news is turning into good news.

At a house in Vinita, a few days can mean a difference in destiny Dovie's destiny.

"It shocked me, it just surprised me," Dovie said this week.

KJRH found Dovie in the same chair she sat in a few days ago sick, scammed, and broke. These days though, she sits in a much better place.

"You just don't think about crooks doing you this way," Dovie says. "But God steps in, he steps in and takes care of it."

Dovie's devastating story started a couple of weeks ago.

Gift card scam targets Vinita resident

A high-tech scammer called and said the FBI was going to confiscate her bank account because it was used to launder money. He would help save her money, all she had to do was withdraw it all and buy gift cards and give him the card numbers to keep her money safe and secure.

"I felt stupid, I felt plum stupid, but I had so much going through my mind that day, everything was going wrong that day," Dovie said.

The conman kept her on the phone, tracking her every move, as she went store to store, town to town, buying $500 gift cards with the last $1800 she had to her name. A life's savings stolen. It all vanished in the blink of an eye.

"It was a hurt feeling," Dovie said. "People don't know how a person hurts when they lose every dime they got, especially by crooks."

But in the hours after KJRH told Dovie's story, several viewers said they wanted to help. They are remaining anonymous, but want to replace the cash the conman stole.

One lady is going through a medical situation of her own, but wants to make Dovie whole first. She's been so blessed in life, she says. Blessings she wants to share in some small way with Dovie.

There's a gentleman who said Dovie reminds him of his mother. He wants to make sure Dovie's needs are met.

The donations are going through Dovie's church, whose members are helping ease the burden caused by that conman.

"Yes, it helped me a lot, took a load off my shoulders."

Now, Dovie said she can catch up on her house payment and all of her other bills. Maybe she can touch up the paint on the house, Dovie said, and plug a few leaks in the roof, too.

All possible after strangers help turn bad news into good making a difference, "it's a happy feeling to know there are good people out there."

Showing the dramatic difference between scammers who steal and destroy and the folks who care and share.

"God bless you so much, God will give it back to you, ten times, he will."

Remember, if you get a call and don't recognize the number, hang up, or better yet - don't answer it. Never make a payment with a gift card. No legitimate company or government agency will ever ask you to do that.

People who want to help Dovie can reach out through her church:

Vinita Church of Christ
PO Box 123
Vinita, OK 74301

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