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Tulsa area air conditioning repair companies see influx of calls in heat

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Posted at 5:52 PM, Jun 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-13 19:12:37-04

TULSA, Okla. — The kind of heat hitting Tulsa on Monday can put a strain on air conditioning units as the area falls under an excessive heat warning.

Frost Air Services says there are things homeowners can do to prevent any problems.

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“We’ve had a huge spike in heat obviously that’s going to spike the phone calls,” said Cody Frost, Frost Air Services owner.

That has his employees responding to two-to-three more calls a day than usual and scheduling customers as far as two weeks out. Frost says most of the problems they see are preventable.

“Change your filters every three months. If you have pets or lots of traffic in your home with kids, change them a little bit more, every two months," Frost said. "Second thing is make sure your outside coils are clean. They get full of debris whether it’s tree pollen, dirt, grass, whatever it may be, wash those out.”

If you are having issues with your HVAC system but can’t get a contractor out for a few weeks, Frost says there are some things you can do in the meantime.

“Make sure your fan is still running just to circulate some air in the house," he says. "You are more than welcome to go get portable units, but I would check a few things. Check the breaker make sure it’s not tripped. Outside look at the coils make sure their not dirty and you can wash those if they are. Then if their filters are clogged dirty on the inside of the house change those."

Frost says if you do wash the coils on your HVAC system, use a garden hose, not a pressure washer. He urges customer to find a reputable company and build a relationship with them.

“That’ll guarantee that you guys can get serviced fast and get on a maintenance contract with somebody because most of the time those come with benefits whether it’s discounts, same-day service or whatever it may be,” Frost said.

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