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29 people charged in large multi-state retail theft ring

Suspects accused of stealing items, then shipping them to people who sold them online
Mugshots of some charged in retail theft ring
Posted at 12:01 PM, Jan 12, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-13 19:10:48-05

TULSA, Okla. — Between state and federal charges, 29 people have been indicted as a part of a large-scale retail theft ring operating in several states.

Authorities have identified two sides of the operation.

Tulsa County District Court documents say multiple people, or "boosters," would go into stores, such as Walgreens, Sam's Club, and CVS, to steal over-the-counter medications. Investigators say "boosters" would steal Allegra, Mucinex, Flonase, Crest White Strips, and a number of other products.

Organizers of the theft ring, would pay the "boosters" - then store the stolen items, and ship them to criminal fencing operations outside of Oklahoma.

The "fences" would later re-sell the stolen medications online through Amazon and eBay.

Court documents state that Linda Ann Been, also known as Linda Gann, was the ringleader of the operation.

Investigators say she started selling stolen medications on eBay in 2016. Starting in 2018, court records show Been recruited more boosters for her growing operation.

Police arrested several of Been's "boosters" from 2019-2021, piecing together their part in what investigators call a criminal enterprise.

On May 10, 2021, state and federal agents served a search warrant on Been's home and located stolen items inside.

Court documents say Been would have her "boosters" steal from stores in Oklahoma, along with Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, and Colorado.

Authorities say the theft ring stole more than $10 million dollars worth of products from stores across the area.

Records show the group received around $4.5 million dollars in payments for selling stolen merchandise.

There are 214 federal charges, and 125 state charges for the 29 defendants.

They're charged with racketeering, theft, wire fraud, money laundering, and a number of other crimes.

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