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2 Cares: Getting involved with Meals on Wheels Metro Tulsa

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Posted at 7:14 AM, Feb 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-23 17:01:33-05

TULSA, Okla. — 2 News Oklahoma celebrated 2 Cares for the Community Day on 2/22/22.

The 2 Cares for the Community campaign is important to us because we want to give back to the community.

We've held countless donation drives and given thousands of dollars to charities over the years that serve Green Country every day.

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Meals On Wheels of Metro Tulsa helps provide nutritious meals and other services for many, especially the elderly, across the metro area.

According to their website, providing care and distributing food helps fight the biggest threats of aging, which are hunger, loss of independence, and isolation.

They say:

  • Up to 26 percent of all Oklahoma seniors are threatened by hunger almost daily.
  • 50 percent of all seniors living alone lack the resources to pay for basic needs and care.
  • Nearly 80 percent of low-income, food-insecure seniors say they are not receiving the care or support they need.

Hunger and food insecurity is not just a problem in the metro area. Oklahoma ranks #1 in the nation for seniors being threatened by hunger.

For Meals on Wheels Metro Tulsa, their services make the biggest difference for those in need.

Since 2014, they have delivered over 3 million meals to the community. 2 out of 3 seniors say the meals they get from Meals on Wheels Metro Tulsa make up half or more of the food they eat all day.

The meals aren't the only services they provide. For so many, the volunteers are the only person they see or talk to all day.

Volunteers help Meals on Wheels Metro Tulsa every week, starting Monday and lasting through Friday. Besides delivering meals and wellness checks, they also can provide pet care and home safety improvements.

On Tuesday, the 2 news Oklahoma crews helped to prepare 1,700 meals and delivered 748 meals for Tulsa-area seniors, people with disabilities, and food-insecure youth.

To become a volunteer with Meals on Wheels Metro Tulsa, click here to find out more.

If you volunteer and give back, we would like to see it! Feel free to share photos and videos with us.

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