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Adair teen finishes high school with perfect attendance record

Posted at 8:54 PM, May 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-07 21:56:12-04

ADAIR, Okla. — "Dude, you're this far. You just might as well keep going!"

2 News caught up with this very busy Adair teenager between baseball games. BJ Mizulo, a multi-sport athlete, did something much more difficult than pitching a perfect game. He's finishing high school with a perfect attendance record.

It's something his mom said he's always wanted.

"He saw a girl out in California that did it and he was like Mom, I want that award and be on TV," Rhonda Mizulo said.

Since that day, she said BJ kept himself healthy, even avoiding his brothers and sisters who were ill by banning them from his room.

BJ kept his eye on the ball.

"Other than athletics that took him out of class, he's been there every day since the beginning of pre-K," Rhonda said.

"Momma made me," BJ said. "Momma made me go!"

This humble teenager admits his grades haven't always been great, especially during his freshman, sophomore, and junior years.

"I maintained passing pretty easily, but I didn't excel to where I should have," BJ said. "But this senior year, I've excelled more than I ever have!"

His superintendent and coach, Mark Lippe, said BJ always stepped up to the plate so to speak and gave academics h is best swing.

"BJ hasn't liked school all the time, but he loves being here and being a part because he's a great kid," said Mark Lippe, Superintendent of Adair Public Schools.

It's because of the people, BJ said, who encouraged him to round the bases and make it to home plate. Scoring a homerun by never missing a day of school in his 14 years at Adair.

"The people here they just drive me to be here, they want me to be here, they want me to make people's days better," BJ said.

"If we had 100 BJ Mizulos my job would be very easy," Lippe said.

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