BLOG: Triple digit heat possible this week

Posted at 9:47 PM, Jul 16, 2017

Computer weather models (one model solution is shown in the image above from the GFS or Global Forecast System Model) are pretty consistent with bringing in the warmest temperatures of the year so far around the area. So far this summer, the hottest temperature at the Tulsa Airport has been 97°...on 3 different days. July 7th, 12th, and 13th. 

The forecast goes above 97° to 98° on Wednesday with 100° by Thursday and even on Friday. Models suggest a few degrees shaved off for the upcoming weekend, but we are only talking upper 90s. Overnight lows will continue to be very mild in the 70s. 

If you are wondering about last year, the first day when we had 100°+ was on July 22nd (it was 101°), so this year it would be a few days earlier.

We are not expecting any precipitation this week, so with things drying out around the region, that allows the afternoon temperatures to go higher. Plus, you add in more hours of sunshine.

Remember to wear light colored clothing, drink plenty of water, wear sunscreen if you have to be outdoors, check on the elderly, and don't leave kids or pets in automobiles, even just for a few minutes.

Stay with the 2 Works for You Weather Team this week and we will keep you posted on the latest forecast.