BLOG: 100° Climatology Information for Tulsa

100° weather is showing up on our 7 day forecast this week. Even though we have had plenty of days where the heat index has been well over 100°, the actual air temperature hasn't reached the big 1-0-0 yet.

Here are some stats for Tulsa I gathered up about the triple digit mark:


*We first hit 100° on July 20th.


*On average, we record the first 100° day by July 10th.

*We average 3.3 days of highs reaching 100°.

*Back in 1934, there were 27 days of 100° heat.

*The highest temperature ever recorded was 113° back in 1936. 


*The average number of days when we reach 100° is 9. 

*The most number of consecutive days reaching 100° was 22. One streak was in 1936 and in 1918.

*The highest temperature ever recorded was 115° back on August 10, 1936.