Risha Talks

Risha Talks
Risha Talks: Discussion on the topic of immigration
Risha Talks: Impact of cancel culture
Risha Talks: Talking to kids about race

2 Cares for The Community teamed up with author, speaker and internationally recognized diversity expert Risha Grant to continue leading important discussions on diversity in Tulsa and Green Country.

Grant is an international diversity and inclusion author and expert. I travel the world giving an edgy, straight-no-chaser take on this sensitive subject. She writes:

Since early 2000 I have exposed the value of Diversity & Inclusion while shining a light on the economic impact it creates. My approach is simple: I take old school principles and apply them to real-world BS, and I don’t sugarcoat the truth.

The weekly series will touch on topics including inequality, privilege and bullying. Watch Risha Talks Saturday mornings during 2 Works for You Today at 8am, and on our streaming platforms.

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